Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 4/25/2012: Just the Facts

Too much information? Hold tight; we’ve got another day of Moon in Gemini ahead of us, and its need to know, coupled with the incisive challenge between ruthless Pluto and mental Mercury could likely hand you “just the facts, ma’am” — without any effort to coat them with sugar. This challenge is exact at 10:50AM ET — and we’ve been seeing it reflected in the headlines all week. Mercury-Pluto gets straight to the point, often without mercy. If you have a tense aspect between Mercury and Pluto in your horoscope, you likely have an investigative mind, persuasive communication skills — and if anyone rubs you the wrong way, you’ve got a theme song, too — Rip Her To Shreds — take it away, Debbie Harry   Me-ow!

Point is, be mindful in your interaction with others, lest you let fly an especially cutting remark. This applies to all of us, and particularly those who have 8-10 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn prominent in the horoscope. On the plus side, the facts presented today can be constructively applied to your plans for world domination, as Moon makes an easy connection with disciplined Saturn. Moon goes void at 4:31pm ET for the rest of the day, not to enter Cancer until 1:42AM ET. Remember with Moon voids, crises that crop up usually turn out to be much ado about nothing. Keep calm and carry on, despite the buzz that may surround you (it might just be all in your head). And no major purchases — especially impulsive ones, if you please.

Meanwhile, look no further than front page for reflections of current planetary patterns. Did we anticipate a day of dirt being dug up? Former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards is on trial for misappropriating campaign funds in order to cover up an adulterous affair  James Murdoch takes the stand in the most recent development in the phone-hacking scandal involving the Murdoch media empire  the SEC officially files charges of “making material misrepresentations” against Egan-Jones, the ratings agency that annoyed everyone  last year when it downgraded the credit rating of the United States and a few more Secret Service agents will be leaving their jobs as a result of their dalliances with prostitutes in Colombia. This case is getting quite intriguing, as the investigation has revealed that apparently not all the women who spent the night with the agents in question were prostitutes. So what difference does that make? A debate on this juicy subject would be one way to spend a day featuring Moon in chatty Gemini and philosophical Jupiter running wild in earthy, sensual Taurus, as nebulous Neptune (fantasy) opposes horny Mars in prissy Virgo. What else can you come up with?


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