Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 4/22/2015: Gwyneth Paltrow; Postcard From the Void

The last time we had an all-day Moon void in trivia-loving Gemini, the internet was abuzz with controversy over the color of a dress: black and blue? Or white and gold? What wandering twist will capture our attention today? This morning there was a traffic snarl in the UK, caused by a collie commandeering a tractor.

A certain depth of perception, the result of an investigative effort, is suggested by mental Mercury’s alignment with muck-raking Pluto at 9:25AM ET, perhaps affording some insight into the Powers That Be. A cooperative connection between Venus in breezy Gemini and Jupiter in regal Leo exact at 2:41PM ET suggests general good cheer and an indulgent, extra-long lunch. Stubborn resolve in communication and action is suggested around 7:04PM ET, when Mercury and Mars meet up in earthy Taurus. On the plus side, maybe some positive talk and action in honor of Earth Day. On the down side, this would be the time to remember that crises that crop up during Moon voids are usually much ado about nothing, with little consequence for actions initiated.

The Moon doesn’t enter the next sign — Cancer — until 12:25AM ET on Thursday. Look up, and you can catch the annual April Lyrids meteors.

And now, the news.

Moon void, meet Supervoid. During Monday’s all-day Moon void in Taurus, astronomers announced the discovery of the largest “structure” in the known Universe: a giant, gaping hole.  Meanwhile, sandwiched between the idealized beauty of Venus square Neptune (on Sunday) and the luxury of today’s Venus sextile Jupiter, last night  a “perfect” diamond sold for $22m at Sothebys. Add Tuesday’s “think big” Mercury square Jupiter and a highly acquisitive and resourceful Mars in Taurus trine Pluto to that story.

What I’ve been seeing in the headlines this week are plenty of stories illustrating larger planetary patterns. The death of an estimated 900 migrants in a capsized ferry on Mediterranean is yet another story of how immigration and refugees are likely to be ongoing concerns, suggested by Saturn’s 28 month passage through Sagittarius (foreigners), currently squaring Neptune in Pisces (victims, refugees).  The overall disruption of the status quo is, of course, reflected in the aftermath of the square between Uranus and Pluto.  Let the record show that the only other time we experienced a longer period of Uranus-Pluto action was between 1496 and 1500, out of which emerged the New World. There was a big immigration problem back then, too.

Disruption of the status quo in work routines. These seeds were planted in the mid-60s, with the Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo (Virgo refers to work routines, cooperative systems and service). We’d expect to see advancement on these seeds at the Uranus-Pluto square, and here’s a piece a reader sent in about the rise of machines and what it might mean for those with certain jobs. Pluto will be opposed by Uranus in Virgo in 2047 — so that’s when we should have full illumination on how those seeds have thrived.

Inequality of resources. This is another pressing Uranus-Pluto revelation. Ever hear of a “poor door”? In New York, 88,000 people have applied for a chance to live in a controversial Upper West Side building that has separate entrances for low-income tenants and much higher-income owners. Quoted in the NYT article:  “I guess people like it,” said Gary Barnett, founder and president of Extell Development Company, the tower’s developer. “It shows that there’s a tremendous demand for high-quality affordable housing in beautiful neighborhoods.”  What a jerk.

Meanwhile, federal workers are on strike today, including a number of them who work in the U.S. Senate cafeteria. Apparently they used to be U.S. government employees, but as of 2008, they are contract workers for a corporation headquartered in the UK. I was intrigued by this cashier’s account of how her life has changed, as well as this story penned by one of the cafeteria’s cooks, a single father working two jobs who also apparently receives food stamps to make ends meet.

Gwyneth Paltrow. The actress, whose horoscope is laced with patterns that can’t help but attract attention, was mocked last week when she accepted a challenge from Mario Batali to try to live on $29 worth of food for the week –and failed.  She did not do her food stamp challenge shopping at Aldi, which has much lower prices, but this NY Daily News reporter did.

Current transits in Ms. Paltrow’s horoscope  suggest a potential wipe-out and other immediate upheavals, and I thought to myself that this little PR effort wouldn’t be all we’d see in the headlines about her. Sure enough, today she filed for divorce from her husband, from whom she’d “consciously uncoupled” last year, at the beginning of a long and bewildering transit of Neptune to her Pisces Ascendant.

Presumably, Ms. Paltrow has a consulting astrologer on her team who helps her put relationship and other life challenges in perspective. To find out what’s going on in your horoscope — and how you can use astrology to resolve career and relationship concerns — consider scheduling a personal consultation. We will have an excellent discussion together.




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