Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 4/18/2012: After the Void, Engage!

So how are you enjoying this long void of course Moon in dreamy Pisces? Are you going with the flow? Feeling inspired or especially empathic? I couldn’t get Erik Satie’s romantic music out of my head  (see yesterday’s forecast), and recognizing that Pisces also rules the feet, I wandered off to a ballet class. Better to dance than shop for shoes when Moon is void of course (impulse purchases are not generally favored during voids). It was an incredibly productive use of time…

Speaking of impulses, Moon finally moves into Aries at 11:59AM ET, joining mental Mercury in Aries at 3:28PM ET. What an afternoon for quick thinkers and fast talkers! Don’t forget to write some of those great ideas down, especially since Moon will be hooking up with innovative Uranus at 11:45PM ET, likely accompanied by a surprise, jolt or revelation — especially in the tech sector.

More general notes: first, we are in the balsamic phase of the Moon — a time to wrap up projects begun at the New Moon and start thinking about the next lunar cycle, which begins at 3:18AM ET on Saturday. Second, Jupiter, the cosmic sugar daddy happens to be running wild in sensual, material Taurus, needing to find reward in creature comforts. Venus, which refers to love, beauty, money and women — is also running wild in oh-so-charming Gemini, seeking social expression by being informed, intense and entertaining.

Venus and Jupiter may well be reflected by actions that suggest feeling good, generosity, abundance and/or indulgence. Could this also be reflected in the 200-point surge on the Dow yesterday, along with seemingly-upbeat earnings reports from a few key corporations? Details on the surge are here

In your own personal world, find a few simple joys…..

P.S. Henri the Existential Cat is becoming quite the celebrity — you read it here first

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