Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 3/6/2013: Make It Happen

Up and at ’em — perhaps with a jolt or revelation, courtesy of rebel Uranus challenging the enterprising Capricorn Moon at 7:28AM ET. This is a fine day to make things happen! During this 24 hour period, Moon will connect with 7 planets in ways that foster communication and cooperation — really, a most excellent day for advancement with surprisingly little resistance.

Enterprising energy is well-supported — of a practical, structural nature —  especially in areas ruled by Venus, which include finance, women, affection and aesthetics. Why? Because after Monday’s exuberant connection between Venus and  expansive Jupiter (how about that record high in the stock market), disciplined Saturn and resourceful Pluto now favor high-flying ideas turned into tangible form as both connect with Venus around 10PM ET and 9PM ET, respectively. If you have planets or angles between 7 and 12 degrees of ANY sign, you’re more likely to be feeling the boost reflected in current planetary patterns. Just do it.

Tonight ends with an idealistic hook-up between mental Mercury and Venus shortly before midnight, reinforcing whatever sharp focus hit you on Monday. This issue may return for a recap/resolution the week of April 8th, when Mercury and Venus are aligned again, only Mercury will then be moving forward. See yesterday’s forecast for thoughts on the potential pitfalls of idealism. Mercury and Venus connections in a horoscope suggest idealism, as do connections involving either of these planets with the Sun.

As for the potential upside, I looked no further than my Facebook feed and found an update about an extremely idealistic young boy who refused to let go of a dream. Have you heard about Caine’s Arcade? Briefly: 9 year-old boy spends summer in dad’s auto parts store in East LA; builds game arcade out of cardboard boxes, hoping he’ll have paying customers. All summer, he waits. Until finally, one customer shows up. Who happens to be a filmmaker. And a rainmaker. So often it only takes a connection with ONE person to kickstart a dream into reality. Yesterday it was announced that he signed with a major talent agency.

In another uplifting update, it appears that Billy Ray Harris,  a homeless man who made headlines last month for returning a diamond engagement ring to the charitable young woman who accidentally dropped it into his cup, will soon have a home of his own. The young woman and her fiance were so grateful that they started a fundraising effort for Mr. Harris, and as of this week, $175,000 had been collected. He now has a job, has reconnected with his family (after 16 years) and plans to buy a house. Talk about dreams coming true.

I chose these stories for today’s forecast not only as illustrations of the idealism and wish fulfillment reflected in current patterns, but as a counterpoint to the startling, “get real” video about wealth distribution in the US that was posted yesterday. Here it is again, if you missed it. While it may be true that 40% of the wealth is in the hands of  1% of the population, with a meager 7% of the wealth shared among the bottom 80%, it is also true that fortunes can change suddenly and dramatically when enough people become aware of a situation and decide to do something about it. And sudden awareness followed by action are what we can anticipate during this 33-month long square between freedom-loving Uranus and power-loving Pluto. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I’m an idealist.

Speaking of Uranus and Pluto, here is the latest on the search for the elusive Higgs boson particle— a big piece that explains everything, and just posted yesterday.  Physicists theorized the existence of the Higgs boson (also called “the God particle”) in the mid-60s, when Uranus and Pluto were conjunct. I bet they’ll find conclusive evidence of its existence during this 33-month long Uranus-Pluto square. That gives them until the end of 2015…

Today’s Moon in Capricorn favors dark blue, black and making things happen in a personal consultation with your local astrologer.

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