Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 2/2/2011: New Moon in Aquarius

Another intriguing aspect in effect yesterday and today — and setting the tone for the New Moon in Aquarius is erratic, freedom-loving, unconventional Uranus challenging Venus, planet of love, beauty and money…while whispering cooperatively in the ear of Mercury, planet of mind and communication. Add to that mix nebulous Neptune also caressing Venus…(is this prose the right shade of purple yet?)…and we have a perfect scenario for a few surprising social encounters, ranging from the refreshingly sublime to the simply ridiculous. Any sudden breaks, free spirits or weirdos in your life today? How about a New Best Friend? Wait a day or so before starting anything with any of these characters — we’re still in the dark side of the Moon — and you’ve got the entire work day to continue wrapping up old projects and start contemplating your agenda for the next cycle.

The New Moon — the moment we’ve all been waiting for — is exact at 9:31PM NY/6:31PM LA at 14 degrees of Aquarius. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is “A train entering a tunnel”. Astrologer Blain Bovee offers these keywords and phrases for possible manifestations of this New Moon energy (I’m listing a few; his book on Sabian Symbols is a most worthy addition to your shelf): “an efficient means of pressing forward through an opening or a passageway; having tunnel vision; the light at the end of the tunnel; a determined focus; an inadvertent disregard for others; following in the train of a powerful natural force; entering into a breakthrough situation”.

Remember when we were kids, how we — or at least some of us —  tried to dig a hole to China? That would have been some shortcut, wouldn’t it? What quantum leaps of consciousness and/or efficiency are within your potential this month? What other “great leaps forward” will we see in the headlines? Think humanitarian, socially significant, rebellion, freedom, technology and whatever else disrupts the status quo. Dare to be boring (the word “boring” has been corrupted; it means to pierce through), with your New Moon agenda, and push through to the light on the other side. Some of your best friends — old and new — may even want to come along.

If you’re not quite sure what to put on your New Moon agenda, but you really do want to further your evolution, you could do worse than rent the movie Groundhog Day, which suggests that in order to attract your one true love, you need to become that which you hope to attract. It’s also a top-notch romantic comedy, in addition to being spiritually profound. Take notes and enjoy the laughs.

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