Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 12/2/2015: Mark Zuckerberg’s Really Big News

Moon enters Virgo at 5:09AM ET, driving the day with a need for perfection, organization and details. It cruises unimpeded until 7:13PM ET, when it faces off against Neptune. At 8:41PM ET, the Moon is challenged by Saturn. Unreal. Real. Dreamy. Focused. Intangible. Tangible. Perhaps the Virgo Moon will inspire us to separate the wheat from the chaff in what we collectively believe and how we are getting the word out.  Perhaps you can use it to fine-tune the structure of your latest vision.

And now, the news.

Gosh, there have been a ton of items about maritime issues — some heavy; some fantastic. Thank you, Saturn square Neptune in Pisces. The Japanese are going to start hunting whales again — 333 of them — boo hiss. It’s being presented as a “research” study, but few are buying it. Real. Unreal.  And how strange to see a story about 337 whales discovered beached in Chile last June — but only being reported now.

Also in Japan, a somber story of “ghostly ships” washing ashore with ghoulish cargo from unknown origins…

Thanks to Avid Reader Barbara, who emailed to make sure I did not miss this item about people who make a living hunting for sunken treasure (fantastic!), fighting for their rights in the face of heavy criticism by others in more academic pursuits:

Treasure hunters are to maritime archaeologists what astrologers are to astronomers,” said Filipe Castro, a nautical archaeologist at Texas A & M University.

My money says Mr. Castro has never consulted with an astrologer.

Meanwhile, I’m pleased to report one big news item that beautifully reflects the potential suggested in yesterday’s planetary patterns:

Moon is fully engaged in Leo, sign of drama kings and queens, as well as creative self-expression. How can you shine — and encourage others to shine — today? There are no serious bumps in the planetary highway…as the Leo Moon’s regal drive is supported by a number of planets (Saturn, Sun, Mars, Mercury and Uranus). Good for rocket scientists, humanitarian rebels and crusading warrior types.

Yesterday Mark Zuckerberg (and his wife, Priscilla Chan), made big news with two announcements: 1) the birth of their daughter, Max; and 2) the “birth of one of the world’s biggest charities”; i.e., a pledge to donate 99% of their Facebook shares in a “mission of advancing human potential and promoting equality”. I am intrigued that Mr. Zuckerberg and Ms. Chan did not tell the Free World when their daughter was born — not even what day. The NYT said it was sometime last week.

The last time I wrote about Mr. Zuckerberg was on August 6th:

I do not believe we have a confirmed birth time for Mark Zuckerberg, but several times have been proposed. One proposal suggests a 21 Virgo Ascendant, and it has a boatload of solar arcs exact soon and into next year — among planets involved with the 4th, 5th, 6th and 8th houses. Solar arcs involving the Moon and Mars (action) at the IC (the angle referring to home & family), as well as between Jupiter, ruler of the 4th (family, foundation, home) and Saturn, the ruler of the 5th house (children, creative self-expression) reflect the potential for changes in his personal life.  Other arcs and transits involve Uranus, which refers to the spark required to start something new.

These arcs will be exact on various dates between now and April. Last week Mr. Zuckerberg and his wife announced they were expecting their first child after trying without success for several years. On September 13th, the 20 Virgo Ascendant will be eclipsed, suggesting a major change in life. This eclipse will be triggered by transiting Jupiter (expansion) on November 29th and again on February 16th. The Zuckerbergs did not say when their baby girl was due. Let’s test this horoscope with its 21 Virgo ASC and see what happens.

Well? What do you think? Fascinating, isn’t it? When astrologers do not have a birth time, they use their knowledge of planetary cycles to create what is called a rectified horoscope. They test the proposed birth time by working backwards through the life of the individual, checking the timing of significant events with planetary transits. It’s like cracking a safe. When all of the tumblers are lined up correctly, the horoscope can be used as a tool to anticipate events in the future. But as my teacher wisely says, “We can never know for sure if our rectified horoscope is correct…” unless documentation turns up later to confirm our effort. The objective, then, is stay humble and do our best to craft a horoscope that seems to work as a predictive tool.

We know Mr. Zuckerberg is taking a couple of months off to spend time with his wife and daughter. He’ll have just returned to the office on February 16th. Jupiter will hit 20 degrees of Virgo for a third time in July. Stay tuned.

[UPDATE 1/2/2022: note that I first discovered astrologer Lauren Delsack’s proposed 21 Virgo ASC rectification on Astrotheme, which calculated an ASC of 20 Virgo. Delsack’s own website shows a calculated ASC of 21 Virgo (which is also what my software calculates), so I’ve replaced the Astrotheme link above with a link to Delsack’s site].

What’s going on in your horoscope? I can’t imagine why you would not want to find out in a personal consultation. Or perhaps you’re in search of a truly unique holiday gift idea that’s clearly all about your cherished friend or relative. Here’s the 411 on consultations and astrological reports.

Thank you for reading this forecast.


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