Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 1/30/2013: Expansion and Contraction

Moon in Virgo continues to drive the needs of the day: to organize, analyze, be correct — or better yet, make it perfect. Pick one or more of these tasks and carry on. Read yesterday’s forecast for thoughts on who is personally affected by Jupiter, the cosmic sugar daddy, turning direct at  6:37AM ET. Generally speaking, whatever plans for expansion were put on hold at the beginning of October may now begin to move forward. Thus the day likely begins on a note of optimism and especially big, bright ideas; like, for example, those presented by the creative genius who may have figured out a way of recovering losses suffered by investors in MF Global nearly 15 months ago. Or consider the joy of certain United Auto Workers who are about to receive profit-sharing checks worth $8300. Worth the wait?

At 5:49PM ET, a tenacious challenge of “get real” — for better or for worse —  gets serious. That’s the flavor of the Sun (life force) being squared by stern Saturn. Watch the headlines and your own personal world for stories of necessary controls related to authority and ambition…or sobering thoughts that may give one pause. And here I would be thinking of the deadly threats posed by cute kitty cats or why your daily shower may be such a fearsome activity. I’m also thinking of yesterday’s news release that Boeing and All Nippon Airways were apparently aware that batteries used on (now-grounded) 787 Dreamliners were problematic. What other releases of information held back will we see today, hmm?

Moon goes void-of-course at 9PM ET and enters Libra at 1:36AM ET on Thursday. Take the evening off to chill and count the ways you are perfect just the way you are. There’s a lovely connection to the Moon from socially gracious Venus that suggests an evening of pleasant, yet modest indulgence. Enjoy.



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