Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 12/8/2010: Sabian Symbols, Julian Assange

Thrilling news in the astrological community yesterday: a reliable source revealed the allegedly accurate birth time of Julian Assange, which gives him a Ascendant of 18 Scorpio, to go along with his Scorpio Moon. I thought this would be a perfect case to talk a bit more about Sabian Symbols, since readers of this forecast may have noticed that I mention them at every New and Full Moon, and you might be wondering what they are.

The Sabian Symbols were divined in 1925 by astrologer Marc Edmund Jones and Elsie Wheeler, a medium.  One day in San Diego, the story goes, Jones held up a note card for each of the 360 degrees of the zodiac (the zodiac is a circle of 12 signs of 30 degrees each = 360 degrees). Wheeler channeled a picture — a symbol for each degree of the zodiac, et voila — yet another level of depth in the language of astrology emerged. Because a picture is worth a thousand words, n’est-ce pas?

OK, so now what. Well, what might the Sabian Symbol for 18 Scorpio tell us about Julian Assange and how he connects to the world and how the world perceives him?  The picture is “a wood rich in autumn coloring”. For more, we turn again to Blain Bovee’s really groovy book, Sabian Symbols & Astrological Analysis: “…the colors are rich and there is a special air about the season…autumn leaves also announce an impending time with the trees will be stripped bare, fully exposed….watch of enhancement skills; a knack for showing something or someone up for who or what they really are. Consider a nose for story; a tell-all nature; expose; the bare facts; an attitude of “que sera, sera”.

Isn’t that interesting? Aren’t you curious about what the Sabian Symbols might suggest in your horoscope? (the Sabian Symbol for my Sun at 9 Aries is “a crystal gazer” — big surprise there, huh?). Any questions about Sabian Symbols, drop me a line — I’m happy to clarify!

As for the daily forecast: Moon is still in Capricorn. Make it happen! You’ve got until 8:07PM NY time before the Moon goes void of course for the evening, giving you a chance to rest. A supportive connection between loving Venus and transformational Pluto can help you make a persuasive case for your bright idea — put it out there! It could lead to some constructive change. It can also make a night with your sweetie magically delicious.

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