Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 12/10/2014: The Perfect Timing of Dianne Feinstein

Light patterns among the personal planets, including a playful Moon in Leo today and tomorrow are well-suited for good times and efforts to shine. Way to go Malala, claim that Nobel Peace Prize! Heavy patterns between the outer planets, i.e. the building tension between Uranus and Pluto that will be exact on Monday, suggest plenty of upsets, breakthroughs and power plays, especially if they are making contact with your unique horoscope.

To find out how the disruptive yet potentially empowering Uranus-Pluto square is impacting your horoscope, I invite you to schedule a personal astro-logical consultation. Or consider giving a consultation as a gift to a special someone. The insights to be gained are priceless and will last forever.

Take Dianne Feinstein, for example. Her crusading, fight-for-the-underdog Aries Ascendant is at 14 degrees, and thus directly supercharged not only by Uranus and Pluto (all this year and into next), but by recent and upcoming eclipses. When she learned that computers in Congress had been hacked by US intelligence agencies seeking to undermine efforts to investigate allegations of torture (paid for by US taxpayers), she led the charge, as Chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, to bring the truth of her Committee’s five-year investigation to light before a new regime in January could squelch it.  Some might raise an eyebrow at that choice, given that:

“She notably called Edward J. Snowden’s leaks of classified information about U.S. intelligence “an act of treason”. And she infuriated liberals with her backing of the NSA’s broad-reaching and covert effort to collect data from the telephone calls of Americans. She felt compelled to do so out of a sense of obligation to “keep this country safe,” she told the New York Times in a 2013 interview, “So put that in your pipe and smoke it.”

Of course she would feel obligated to keep this country safe — prominently so — with her Sun at 0 degrees of homeland security-focused Cancer. But her apparent dramatic change of direction and perspective on the wisdom of releasing such damning information at this time is screamingly obvious by Uranus and Pluto making contact with that 14 Aries Ascendant.  Also credit her information-junkie Moon in Gemini, which derives its emotional security and satisfaction by keeping people informed, and  for digging up the facts, even if only 500 of 6000 pages of the report have been made available to the public.  One shudders to think what those 5500 still-classified pages contain. Read the rest of the CNN article quoted above and you will experience, by the reporter’s choice of words, exactly what is going on in Feinstein’s horoscope.

The angles of Bill Cosby’s horoscope — Aries Ascendant and Capricorn — are under similar pressure from Uranus and Pluto now and into 2015-16. Big changes or direction and prominence in his life, too. Coincidence or conspiracy?

If you are a student of astrology or a practicing astrologer and thus have no intention or need to schedule a personal consultation, I invite you to express your appreciation and holiday giving spirit right here, with gratitude. Make the most of this Leo Moon, which delights in shining and letting others know that they shine, too.

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