Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 1/18/2012: Lemons Into Lemonade & Paula Deen’s Perfect Timing

A productive morning of inspired organization is yours to be had, suggested by a communicative connection between the Sun in practical Capricorn and the Moon in “knowledge is power, baby” Scorpio. And the earlier you start, the better. At 1:31PM  on the East Coast, nebulous Neptune challenges the Scorpio Moon, suggesting the potential for dreaminess or perhaps a bit of disorientation, especially since it promptly goes void of course until 2:29PM ET, when it moves into Sagittarius. Perfect timing for lunch on the East Coast; West Coasters — that could account for any strange twists that show up mid-morning.

Moon in Sagittarius will do its best to facilitate the expression of opinions all around the globe — gee — perhaps in the area of international publishing  — and definitely in your own personal world. Here’s the obvious headline scenario: Wikipedia and other websites going dark on the “knowledge is power” Scorpio Moon…followed by a zillion opinions on the proposed legislation that sparked the protest — and Wikipedia won’t be the only site down — as you may have already noticed  I’m already bummed out that I couldn’t go to wikipedia for the deets on Jon Huntsman’s bio and birth data, now that he’s out of the race.

Moon in Sagittarius is well-suited for any experience that broadens your mind and/or horizons. Take in a foreign film, a philosophical discussion or a walk in the woods. Use this optimistic lunar energy to balance any serious demands that land on your plate over the next few days as stern Saturn approaches its challenge to the Sun on Thursday. What could possibly happen?

Well, if you’re Paula Deen, you will be turning 64 on Thursday, January 19th, and that Saturn square is impacting you personally. What restriction and/or ambition might be on your plate? How about: you’ve just revealed to the world that you were diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes…three years ago…and you’ve just signed a presumably lucrative drug endorsement deal.  Looking at Deen’s horoscope, it is fascinating to note that Jupiter, a planet often associated with health issues involving the liver, the pancreas and diabetes is very active right now — but in ways that are generally seen to be positive! Two connections that stand out are a connection* between Uranus and Jupiter, suggesting the potential for a  “the big break; boundless optimism”, exact in September of 2011 and another between Jupiter and the Sun exact on January 14, 2012, suggesting “being rewarded, success; a great vacation”.  Isn’t that fascinating?

Moral of the story: Saturn has many constructive qualities, even though it can be restrictive and controlling. If Saturn offers you lemons — don’t freak out. Turn those lemons into a nice meringue pie, Southern style — and consult your local astrologer to see  how you can channel Saturn’s discipline into something really positive!


* for serious astrology buffs, we see SA Uranus = Jupiter in September 2011; SA Jupiter = Sun on January 14, 2012

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