Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 11/7/2012: Yes, It’s Party Time!

Here in the U.S., the partying mood continues throughout the day — at least for half the country — brought to you by the Moon in sunny Leo and the re-election of Barack Obama (also a Leo). For the other half, the mood may be one of royal indignation expressed by drama kings and queens — using the same Moon in Leo energy to attract attention.

For those of you who are focusing on other concerns now that this campaign season is finally over (I’ll feel so much better in December when the Electoral College makes it official), note that the Moon goes void at 10:27PM ET…not to enter Virgo until 11:35PM ET. Y’know, a party might not be such a bad thing to continue during that void. There’s a lovely trine between Venus (queen of social graces) and jolly Jupiter that could prompt even the sulkiest of beasts to blissfully count their blessings. Or retire to their caves for a peaceful retreat.

Oh — and here’s a fun little Mercury retrograde story for you.

Remember to stay focused…


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