Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 11/28/2012: Full Moon & Eclipse in Gemini

Writing this forecast in the throes of a Full Moon/lunar eclipse in Gemini, opposing the Sun in Sagittarius. The eclipse was exact on the East Coast at 9:46AM. It’s also sitting right on my Moon at 6 Gemini  — perhaps explaining why this forecast is posted so late. Because when I sat down to write this forecast earlier, my reigning need of keeping you informed was bottlenecked!That’s my story and I’m sticking to it : )

Eclipses interrupt the regular flow of light from the Sun or the Moon, like a river is interrupted when it held back by a dam. This creates a bottleneck of energy that must eventually find a release, usually over the course of a few months’ time. In the case of this eclipse, the time frame is four and half months. Wherever the eclipse falls in your horoscope is where you can expect a bottleneck, followed by a release of energy,  which may be accompanied by an emotional catharsis. Eclipses highlight an area of life where something needs to be brought to a close, so something new can be brought to light. That can be a very good thing! So look for 6 degrees of  Gemini/6 Sagittarius in your chart and take note of the house which contains it. Better yet, consult your local astrologer for insight, especially since she is now offering a special one-hour initial consultation (from now through January 1st) that is so reasonably priced you’ll want to give one to everyone on your shopping list, including yourself.

As with the other eclipses that have been in Gemini/Sagittarius over the past two years, we are letting go of old patterns in Gemini/Sagittarius issues: communication, mindsets, “big picture” thinking (law, religion. education), foreign relations, information (and information control). I don’t have to look very far to find dozens of headlines reflecting dramatic changes in our collective thoughts and understanding. Other big planetary patterns (e.g., the ongoing square between disruptive Uranus and ruthless Pluto) are a contributing factor in what astrologer Bill Herbst calls the potential for “a wake-up call equivalent to a 20,000-volt electric cattle prod”; it is the eclipse cycle in Gemini/Sagittarius which suggests a collective change of mindset that leads to the construction of a new reality. For example, here’s a really cool headline to a very long article that challenges our understanding of mortality, as it details the efforts of one scientist in Japan.  [The power of an individual (Aries) to disrupt (Uranus) the established order (Capricorn) is suggested by the aforementioned Uranus-Pluto square]

Anyway…back to this particular lunar eclipse. The Sabian Symbol for 7 Gemini is “an old-fashioned well”; for 7 Sagittarius we find “Cupid knocking at the door”. How do we apply these symbols in our own personal worlds? Turning to Blain Bovee’s most excellent book for inspiration, we note that a well is the source of water, without which life on this planet could not exist. Cupid is a divine– yet often mischievous energy — that awakens desire, with consequences that may  — or may not — benefit the awakened party. Why? Because under Cupid’s influence, you could find yourself desiring superficial things instead of caring and cultivating for something deep, profound and life-sustaining (like a well). So therein lies the conflict of this Full Moon/Eclipse: that which is desirable vs. that which is essential; shallow indulgences vs. divine Source. What does this mean to you and how do these themes play out in your life? Here is a fascinating article that shows how what we deem desirable changes as we age, as evidenced by where we spend our money.

As for the day itself, the Moon in Gemini creates a buzz of information to be shared before going void on an expansive hook-up with jolly Jupiter. That buzz could take you in all kinds of directions from 8:04PM ET (when the Moon goes void) until 8:55AM ET on FRIDAY morning, which the Moon finally gets back into gear and enters Cancer. In the fallout of this eclipse and Mercury getting used to moving forward again, we are advised to be patient with twists that may throw us off track, especially when said twists reveal errors in thinking and communication. If you have to ship something during the void, double check the details before you hit “send”.

Meanwhile, get out and mingle. Venus, planet of social expression, is happily supported today and tomorrow by potent Pluto and action-oriented Mars. Connections made now may be mercurial,  but are likely to be stimulating and entertaining.


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