Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 11/21/2012: Sun in Sagittarius; Venus in Scorpio

Go with the flow as Moon continues its sojourn in watery, empathic Pisces, looking for an escape or an connection with the intangible. Music? Spirit? An alcohol-induced buzz? Not while you’re driving, if you please. The day is infused with a uplifting vibe, courtesy of a boost to Moon from expansive Jupiter. But wait — there’s more!

At 4:50PM ET, the Sun’s enters adventurous, fiery Sagittarius. Whereas Sun in Scorpio can keep much under wraps for the sake of power and control, Sun in Sagittarius is more inclined to let it all hang out, and never mind the mess. If you were a Centaur (half-human, half-horse), aiming an arrow at the sky, whilst galumphing across an open field, you’d trip over your four left hooves on occasion, too. But what a fitting festive energy for the beginning of the holiday season. I like to think of Sagittarius as the philosopher clown. They always have something deep opinion to express, and usually have no trouble making you laugh while they are doing it. Their blunt speech is legendary; many of them suffer from foot-in-mouth disease.Sagittarius is concerned with wide open spaces and with the Big Picture — i.e., beliefs held by the collective (including religion, law, politics), as well as media conglomerates. Here’s  Jon Stewart (who will turn 50 on the 28th, OMG), making his opinions very clear in the aftermath of Thanksgiving 2011 — as seen in this clip currently posted on The Daily Show’s  home page.

In other news, Venus leaves Libra for Scorpio at 8:20PM ET, where it will be until December 15th. Frankly, the planet of art, women, money and social expression is much happier in Libra than in Scorpio, but enter the murky depths it must. Venus in Scorpio suggests intensity, jealousy and a razor-sharp expression in relationship and financial concerns. On the plus side, it can be very juicy. On the down side, it can downright ruthless.

At 2:13AM ET on Thursday, nebulous Neptune squares the Sun, bringing to a release whatever you’ve been noticing that is dreamy, bogus, kaleidoscopic, escapist, visionary or surreal. Please pay attention in all your communication and travel endeavors. With Neptune so prominent and Mercury still retrograde, you can’t expect that everyone else will be as consciously aware as you are. Drive defensively — and happy trails!


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