Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 11/20/2013: Deep Focus on Security Needs

With the Moon in Cancer, as of 6:23AM ET, the needs of the day shift to matters of emotional and home security. Which is good, because yesterday’s long Moon void break in entertainment-needing Gemini had me playing way too many games of mindless Facebook Scrabble.

Exact planetary patterns today include a dreamy connection between the Moon and nebulous Neptune, suggesting a tint of rose may be added to your emotional and home security needs. We also have an exact connection between mental Mercury and ruthless Pluto, suggesting continued support for whatever investigative, focused thinking you’ve been doing this week. And more dirt in the headlines. Here’s a front-page item reflecting mental focus and Cancer family tenacity: Michael Skakel, a man convicted in 2002 for a murder committed in 1975, may finally walk free, courtesy of a never-ending family campaign to clear his name. And here’s some dirt about how members of Congress are experiencing the Affordable Care Act compared to everyone else.

Patterns will intensify the closer we get to midnight, as the sensitive Cancer Moon will engage with the disruptive Uranus-Pluto square. Should be a busy day tomorrow. Ship it before Friday, if you can.

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