Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 11/19/2014: Mind the Void

East Coasters, if it really needs to stick,  ship it today before the Moon goes void at 9:25AM ET until 12:31AM ET on Thursday. Otherwise, be flexible with whatever twists and flakes disrupt your efforts to move forward in a straight line for the rest of the day. Take care of routine projects and make the most of the lingering good vibes that will likely get you out of bed, courtesy of a cooperative connection between expansive Jupiter and the socially-inclined Libra Moon.

Another pattern influencing the day is a dreamy challenge between Venus in opinionated, righteous Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces, which refers to intangibles, drugs, betrayal, vision & high art. And that’s only a partial list. Get out your rose-colored glasses; indulge in some music, a show or your own personal fantasy. Check out the trippy new animated short about Vincent Van Gogh’s way-ahead-of-his-time perceptions of physical reality, as modern-day physicists now can see were clearly expressed in his paintings.

Add the heavy karma cop potential of yesterday’s Sun-Saturn meet-up and bear witness to TV host Janice Dickinson adding her voice to those of the over a dozen women who have accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault. The timing is fascinating, given what we can see about her horoscope. She has a T-square among her Sun in Aquarius, Pluto in Leo and Saturn in Scorpio which has just been activated by transiting Saturn at 25 Scorpio squaring her 26 Aquarius Sun and 25 Leo Pluto. Also of interest: her Venus (social expression) sits right on Cosby’s currently super-charged Midheaven (public status, career) at 11 Capricorn. And on Sunday, when nebulous Neptune turned direct at 4 Pisces, it was squaring Cosby’s Venus at 4 Gemini. Cosby’s horoscope was discussed earlier this month, if you’re just tuning in.

My point here today is not to analyze what all these connections mean, but to show — once again — that when things happen in life, there is nearly always a corresponding pattern in the horoscope. Which is why it is so helpful to know what’s going on in your own chart.

Meanwhile, Japan is dealing with sobering economic news, as it has apparently slid back into a recession, and Prime Minister Shinto Abe is calling for early elections. Saturn, which rules the area of Japan’s horoscope concerning resources, is just about to make contact with its Mars at 27 Scorpio, suggesting no small amount of frustration.

Elsewhere, the fear and control potential of the Sun and Saturn in Scorpio was reflected in the Senate’s refusal to pass a landmark bill — the US Freedom Act — that would have curtailed the Secret Squirrel surveillance activities of the NSA. It also voted down — by ONE vote — a proposal to pass a bill that would have authorized the construction of the notorious Keystone XL Pipeline. I’m not sure that vote reflects a Sun-Saturn conjunction, but let me say this again: ONE vote, dear readers. One. Don’t ever think your vote does not matter.

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