Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 10/25/2012: Sun Conjunct Saturn

No major shifts in the planetary patterns we have been experiencing all week, with the exception of two challenges to the dreamy Pisces Moon this morning. After the Sun and stern Saturn meet up in Scorpio at 4:32AM ET, Moon is squared by aggressive Mars at 7:32AM ET,  suggesting a steamy or fiery response to the potentially heavy price levied by the Sun-Saturn meet-up. A few hours later, when expansive Jupiter squares Moon, an emotional response may be equally over-the-top. Please, oh please, double check the facts before you go off on a tangent — and realize that others who may be doing so could be operating under the influence of an idealistic connection between mental Mercury and arts/women/money/social graces Venus at 1:11PM ET. Stay focused and on message and get it off your desk before the Moon goes void at 11:04AM ET on Friday.

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