Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 10/10/2012: Lines Blurred; Edges Softened

Another day of potentially deep thoughts and revelations, possibly involving material facts about a spiritual world. Or a chance to make a dream a reality, no matter how unreal the dream may be.

Today’s two big planetary patterns involve — first —  a communicative aspect between mental Mercury in dirt-digging, cut-to-the-chase Scorpio and ruthless Pluto in Capricorn. That can be intense, and it can also be quite candid in all areas involving your interactions with others today. If you are doing research, more power to you.

The second patterns involves Saturn in Scorpio (law, authority, structure) in a most excellent alignment with nebulous Neptune (faith, illusion, dreams) in Pisces, the sign Neptune rules. This aspect will occur again on June 11 and July 19, 2013. So whatever seeds you’re planting now to make a dream reality may be flowering in early summer. You are especially affected by this pattern if you were born during the first few days of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

In the headlines, I am fascinated to note this startling study that appears to conclude that more and more Americans are abandoning their faith (Neptune) — or at least the structures (Saturn) where they might practice it. Healing is another Neptune keyword, and also on the front page we see this item: “New Style of Health Care Emerges to Fill Hospital’s Void”. Look for more key developments on these themes in June and July of next year.

Neptune softens the hard edge of Saturn’s usual need for stern discipline and no exceptions to the letter of the law. Look for empathy and compassion to be more prominent in the headlines — and perhaps noticeably so in persons striving to win our collective vote of confidence in a just a few weeks…

Don’t forget that the regal Leo Moon goes void at 5:40PM ET, not to enter nitpicky Virgo at 3:32PM ET on Thursday, setting the tone for the next exciting debate. Get it off your desk before the void if you can. If you are new to the forecast and do not understand Moon voids, click here.




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