Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 8/4/2015: A Venus Conjunct Jupiter Bonus — Cash In!

Arise, go forth  and charge ahead, driven by the pioneering Moon in me-me-me Aries. Yeah, Aries energy can be a little self-absorbed and it tends to fall down stairs because it’s faster than walking, but other patterns exact today are so exuberant! Surely you can tolerate a little impulsiveness to accompany the luscious, luxury-loving potential of Venus (social expression, money, women, aesthetics) meeting up with expansive Jupiter in love-love-love (me-do) Leo (exact at 5:47pm ET).

What may also be on your plate at that time is a little emotional power play or catharsis, as the energy symbolized by the Moon is challenged to change or die by Pluto at 5:50PM ET. That’s your Important Safety Tip for the day.

Meanwhile, if your horoscope is personally affected by the abundance potential of Venus meeting up with Jupiter, you may have cause for celebration. I know I do. Yesterday, two out of the hundreds of people who read this forecast responded to my invitation to express appreciation for my efforts with  generous tips of a monetary kind. How wonderful to feel that my efforts over the past six years (and counting) are worthwhile. Gratitude! And gratitude also to the lovely “Writer in NYC” who sent me a check waaayyyy above and beyond my usual consultation fee, followed by this email:

It was truly a joy to send that check.  You so deserve it!  You gave so generously of your time, energy, thought and heart during our wonderful session!   As I said before, I’ve had many astrological readings in the past.   But never such a thorough and incisive and comprehensive reading as yours !   (Feel free to quote me anonymously)

OK, I did. What a lovely person.

I hope all of you who have planets around 28 degrees of Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio and Taurus or the early part of Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces are having pleasurable and expansive experiences…to balance the discipline and structure suggested by Saturn at the end of Scorpio.

And now, the news.

With Saturn making its last trek through the deep, dark waters of Scorpio since June 15th, we could expect unsavory consequences of mishandled or misdirected sexual energy to pull focus again in the news. Saturn entered Scorpio in October 2012; here’s what we expected to be facing. Saturn leaves Scorpio — finally — on September 18th. When it re-enter Sagittarius, we can get back to the business of try to control and limit what everyone thinks, religious dogma, immigration issues, restructuring higher education, the media, the travel industry, etc.

Meanwhile, we have a manufactured scandal about Planned Parenthood, featuring edited videos of fake medical research company representatives trying reeally hard to get Planned Parenthood executives to sell aborted fetuses at a huge profit. Outrage ensued on both sides, but this last-gasp Saturn in Scorpio effort to defund an organization devoted to managing sexual energy was blocked yesterday in the Senate. Did you know that Congress legalized the use of fetal tissue for medical research in 1993? Here’s a recent CNN piece on what researchers were able to accomplish as a result.

Ewwww….do we have to get real about this icky and disturbing topic? Yes, if Saturn in Scorpio has anything to say about it. Life and death are messy.

Rape is another icky and disturbing consequence of misdirected sexual energy we’ve collectively had to get real about in the past two and a half years. Bill Cosby is a lightning rod for this awareness. In case you missed it, here is the cover of New York Magazine featuring the 35 women who described their experience of being sexually assaulted by Mr. Cosby, as transiting Uranus (lightning bolt; disruption of the status quo) continues to made contact with his horoscope. Hard to sweep that image under the rug.

Backtracking a little bit…

I’ve been meaning to share a few items reflecting the “getting back to one’s roots” potential suggested by the Sabian Symbol for the New Moon we had on July 15th. Immediately after the New Moon, England was captivated by an ancient home movie of Queen Elizabeth (then 7 years old), with her mum and uncle Edward (then heir to the throne), apparently learning the Nazi salute. This prompted calls for a closer look at the roots and ties of the British nobility. Meanwhile, President Obama visited Kenya, where his father was born.

Last month in an historic first, President Obama also visited a federal prison. We could expect that ginormous number of citizens incarcerated in the U.S. would be a focal topic now, as transiting Pluto makes contact with Saturn in the U.S. horoscope. This can be a brutal transit, requiring us to get real about unpleasant and inequitable realities unique to our country, e.g., race relations, corruption and prejudice (Pluto) in law enforcement (Saturn), the Confederate flag controversy, etc.

It was interesting that the issue of “confinement” was part of the Sabian Symbol pair in last month’s New Moon. It was also interesting that one of the biggest headlines in the wake of that New Moon was Sandra Bland, who was stopped by a minor traffic offense (failing to signal when changing lanes), ended up being arrested and allegedly killed herself while confined in the county jail. Brutal.

Let’s see…what else…Venus is retrograde…Venus rules copper…and copper is down, squeezed by Saturn perhaps. But we must find a cause for celebration reflecting the upside of Venus conjunct Jupiter — hate to end on a down note.

OK, I have two items. How perfect that a story about the most celebratory song ever written has just made the NYT home page. What is it? “Happy Birthday,” of course. It may become free for everyone, as its copyrighted status has been challenged.

Finally, my favorite website to share when Venus is retrograde: Go there right now and see if any state in which you’ve ever lived is holding some cash for you — e.g., a paycheck, insurance reimbursement, utility deposit, dividend, etc. Venus retrograde is a perfect time to review financial plans and also discover a bit of gelt from your past. Let me know if you find anything. Share the website with all of your friends!

Thank you for reading this forecast.









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