Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 8/3/2011: Mars in Cancer

Writing this while Moon is still void and Mercury is now retrograde, opposed by nebulous Neptune. How many typos will appear in today’s forecast? Let me count the ways. Or something.

Moon enters people-pleasing Libra at 6:04AM ET, seeking popularity and appreciation for its charms. Would a bit of sweet talk get you going this morning? A bit of transcendental magic could be made with a partner…

Bumps and grinds of another sort (as in grinding to halt thanks to a jolt or mechanical breakdown) may add intrigue to the day, shortly after lunch on the East Coast and shortly before on the West. That would be the Moon making contact with rebel Uranus and transformational Pluto, combined with Mercury (mind, travel, communication) now retrograde. Sometimes a slow down is there for a reason. Maybe you really do need a break and this is the Universe’s way of showing you.

Meanwhile, Mars, planet of energy applied leaves chatty Gemini for the sign of Cancer at 5:22AM ET, adding another wobble to the mix. While Mars in Gemini might blow off steam with a sharp word or two, Mars in moody Cancer tends to hold it in and simmer. Real agendas may not be discovered until Mercury turns direct and Mars moves into regal Leo in September…around the time Congress comes back from its well-timed Mercury retrograde vacation. Coincidence or conspiracy? Figures the one thing they would have neglected to address before departing is the current suspended status of the FAA (travel!!) and 4000 of its furloughed employees,0,5449960.story

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