Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 8/21/2012: Venus, Pluto & Uranus in the News

More of the same potential for gracious proactivity from yesterday, only without the potential bumps and jolts some may have experienced when the Libra Moon was challenged by ruthless Pluto and rebel Uranus at around lunchtime ET. For me, with my horoscope directly affected by the ongoing square between Pluto and Uranus, this was reflected in an especially intrusive “pat-down” by a airport TSA person determined to assert her authority after I declined (as I always do) to walk through the gamma ray gizmo scanning device that no one can conclusively prove is safe. Next came a leisurely swabbing of every item in my luggage, including several pages of  Noel Tyl’s Astrology Looks At History — an explosive text indeed — as I marvelled at the intelligence of our tax dollars at work. The rest of the day was delightful — how about you? As I’ve written before, you are personally affected by the Uranus-Pluto square if you were born around the 29th of March, June, September and December…or you have angles or planets around 4-10 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn.

As for today, the only lunar connection is a serious hook-up with Saturn, suggesting the potential for ambition realized, on the one hand — or a sense of isolation, loss or a limitation imposed as the day progresses.  Which will it be for you? The hook-up is exact at 8PM ET.

And now, the news. We’re seeing continued manifestations of last week’s challenging patterns involving Venus, Uranus and Pluto — suggesting rebellion, over-the-top emotion and prominence involving women. Exhibit A would be the Russian feminist punk band Pussy Riot being convicted on charges of “hooliganism” (that’s a carryover from last week).  Exhibit B would be the famed Augusta National Golf Club moving into the 20th Century and inviting two women to join. Exhibit C would be Representative Todd Akin’s provocative assertion that women’s bodies can prevent unwanted pregnancy in cases of “legitimate rape.” Many in his own political party (Republican) are now calling for him to bow out of his current campaign for a seat in the US Senate. This story has led to reports noting that Akin and VP-candidate Paul Ryan co-sponsored a bill that sought to define different kinds of rape, with only one of them being called “forcible.”  This could become a problem for the Romney-Ryan ticket, as Ryan’s mindset becomes a drain on Romney — a potential noted in last week’s forecast.


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