Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 7/9/2013: Rise and Shine

What are the signs Mercury (communication, transportation) might be retrograde (delays and other tech/transport snafus) AND the Moon might be void of course (challenges moving forward in a straight line; unexpected twists and detours)? Well, if you happen to be stuck on the F train (of course it would be the F) for well over an hour, thanks to “heavy traffic volume” and “signal malfunctions”, you might wonder if one or both patterns were in effect. And in fact, both were. Thank God for a copy of Pride and Prejudice on  my iPad…and yes, both patterns were also in effect for most of the day on Saturday, as noted in that forecast.

As of 6:48AM ET, Moon enters Leo, where it needs to shine. Make room for the kings and drama queens; they’re sure to put on a jolly good show. We have an exact hook-up between mental Mercury and the Sun at 2:41PM ET, suggesting an idealistic frame of mind. However, at 4:27PM ET, the sunny Leo Moon may howl in regal indignation over some wet blanket or other limitation imposed by a challenge from stern, patriarchal Saturn. Keep an eye on the Texas State Legislature.

Yesterday I think I mentioned that Mars, planet of action, was at the end of Gemini — 26 degrees, to be exact. And this area of the zodiac is a sensitive one in the horoscope of Edward Snowden. So it was interesting that the second part of a videotaped interview was released.  One of the topics discussed is privacy (or lack thereof) and Facebook.  Also going to press yesterday: this helpful article entitled “If You’ve Ever Posted Anything Embarrassing on Facebook, Now is the Time to Hide It“. Yes, Facebook has a new search function — they told us it was coming months ago — and it is going to make it ever so much easier for everyone you don’t know to find out everything you’ve ever posted in to your community of Facebook friends, neatly catalogued and indexed for their convenience.

Another person with a sensitivity to planets in the end degrees of Gemini is Bradley Manning. No less than four planets in his horoscope — all at the end of Sagittarius — were recently opposed by the Sun, Jupiter and now Mars in late Gemini. Yesterday Mars (action, will) opposed Manning’s natal Uranus (freedom, individuation); and thus began the defense’s case in his trial.  But wait, there’s more: Julian Assange’s horoscope is also sensitive to planets transiting the last degrees of Gemini. His Venus and Pluto are currently being provoked by willful Mars, we’ll see what develops as the week progresses.

All three of these men — Assange, Manning and Snowden — have Moon in Scorpio, either currently affected or soon to be affected by Saturn (see yesterday’s forecast for a bit about what we can expect when Saturn makes contact with a planet in a horoscope).  In Assange’s case, he also has two planets currently affected by the empowering and/or liberating Uranus-Pluto square. I would not be surprised if his home and public status change by mid-2014.

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