Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 7/8/2014

The emotionally intense Scorpio Moon continues to rule the day, searching for depth, substance and knowledge for the sake of power and control. It goes void at 6:33PM ET until 9:25PM ET, suggesting a natural break in the action. After that, the intensity lifts when Moon enters high-flying Sagittarius and offers us the opportunity to broaden our horizons.

A surprise upset or technological/cosmic revelation may present itself before 12:23PM ET, when the Cancer Sun is challenged by rebel Uranus. I did a near spit-take upon seeing this headline on the NYT homepage: “Why Teenagers Today May Grow Up Conservative”, especially after reading about Kentucky state senator Brandon Smith’s stunningly flat-out wrong statements about surface temperatures on Mars presented as scientific fact (and as a rationalization for why we should continue to burn fossil fuels), captured on tape. In all fairness, I feel compelled to report that the committee on which Smith (R-KY) serves is chaired by one Jim Gooch (D-KY), a notorious climate change denier who once justified not including scientists in a hearing on climate change because “you can only hear the sky falling so many times” — and this was in 2007 — and apparently nothing has changed.

Regardless of the morning’s potential upsets, the afternoon presents opportunities for productive structures moving forward with enthusiasm, suggested by harmonious connections between Moon and expansive Jupiter at 6:33PM ET and a harmonious connection between the Sun and practical Saturn at 8:29PM ET. Onward.

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