Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 7/26/2011: The US in July & August

Today’s multi-tasking Gemini Moon is stabilized by a supportive connection to disciplined Saturn, suggesting an opportunity to bring tangible form to rational ideas. Are you listening, debt ceiling “negotiators”? Yes, it’s tough, and the horoscope of the United States is certainly going through some challenging transits right now. Here are just a few:  Saturn, planet of necessary control is squeezing the life force of the Sun in Cancer, suggesting difficulty and a fear — a fear, mind you — of loss. We’re weeks away from the third and final hit of the US Saturn return, suggesting an urgency about changing our strategy to reflect a necessary shift in values  and ambition (this happens every 28-30 years). What ambitions did the US launch 28-30 years ago? Yes, the space shuttle program was one thing. How about trickle-down economics? Could this also be up for review?  What needs to be let go, must be let go. The horoscope of the US is also experiencing a potent, forceful connection between ruthless Pluto and aggressive Mars (this is separate from the Mars-Pluto connection mentioned in the past few days). It all adds up to an extraordinary opportunity. What is likely to happen?

First, recognize that you have a say in this whole process. Yes, YOU. The energies represented by Mars and Pluto do not care if they are experienced as “good” or “bad” — they just need to be expressed. The “how” is up to us — you have a say in this — we all do. Why not write or call your elected officials and give them a piece of your mind. I’d like to believe that somehow they’ll seize the innovative potential of Wednesday’s lovely connection between innovative Uranus and the Sun and come up with a proposal that serves a humanitarian purpose by then. Thursday looks action-packed, but bumpy; nothing of consequence is likely to be produced on Friday, especially during the dark side of the Moon. The New Moon on the 1st offers big promises for expansive action (stay tuned for details), but on Tuesday, August 2nd, Moon is void of course all day AND Mercury is stationary retrograde (the US election of 2000 took place under those conditions). The general astrological rule for events initiated on a Moon void is that they will likely be of no consequence (like your vote in the aforementioned US election). The Mercury retrograde adds confusion.  I find it significant that such a day of “no consequence” was determined to be the day when Things Must Be Done Or Else It Gets Really Really Bad. It makes me wonder if there isn’t a more consequential agenda we should be focusing on. This guy certainly seems to think so:  What do you think?

In your own personal world, be mindful of Mercury’s upcoming retrograde from Aug 2-23. Get your documents drafted and signed; back up your computer; make your travel plans. Peace out.

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