Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 7/2/2013: Mooooooon in Taurus & Saturn Square Venus in the News

I don’t know about you, but as soon as the Moon entered Taurus yesterday at 5:43PM ET, it was as if the clutch finally engaged. No more listless drifting; suddenly, tangible projects with real deadlines landed on my plate, and that has been the focus for the past 16 hours. You? The Moon functions well in Taurus, where it seeks to build or preserve material comfort and security. The Moon is calmer in Taurus;  there is less impetus to change.  At 1:52PM ET, an easy connection to Moon from Pluto adds depth and perspective to the tasks at hand, supported by a balancing support from the emotional security-preserving Cancer Sun.  A productive conversation reviewing the past or with someone from the past? Certainly said conversation ought to be centered around good food, wine and other physical pleasures.

Get it off your desk today; the Moon will be void of course at 11:51AM ET…not to enter Gemini until Thursday at 5:22AM ET. This Wednesday void may be especially restless, given rebel Uranus about to challenge the sensitive Cancer Sun at 2:22AM on Thursday. Be prepared for an eccentric individual to challenge the security of home and family. What do we want? Freedom! When do we want it? Now! So…like that. I hope you will be free to wander through the day on Wednesday — being at work will likely feel like a literal drag…

And now, the news. I have no shortage of headlines to share reflecting yesterday’s especially potent square between stern, patriarchal, wet blanket Saturn in Scorpio to Venus (social expression, women, art,  money)  in sunny Leo. Women and cold, hard cash were the subject of this New York Times op-ed about the new economy of prostitution.  Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton is  been slapped with a lawsuit allegedly theft of intellectual property by an irate NYT photographer. Meanwhile, the good folks at CNBC reported the buzz about a curious state of being known as the “bitchy resting face”.  Because this news is important in the world of finance, doncha know.

In other news,  someone finally got around to cutting off the disability benefits paid to about 600 retired NY transportation at a cost of $2 million/month  — this was a fraud scheme uncovered some years ago; the retirees are not disabled. Also getting cut off: US soldiers in the Middle East can no longer read The Guardian, the UK paper that broke the Edward Snowden story, and New York ‘art groups’ are anxious about losing valuable support when zillionaire Mayor Mike Bloomberg leaves office this fall. And let’s not forget the unemployed, Paul Krugman reminds us, referring to a particularly stingy situation in North Carolina.

In Kentucky, Democrat Alison Grimes (November 23 1978 in Maysville, KY) announced she would run against Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in 2014; she declared her ambition with transiting Saturn on her natal Venus in Scorpio. She probably has Moon and Saturn conjunct in Virgo (same pattern as Governor Rick Perry — how intriguing) which are both square Mars — definitely “Women of Steel” material…as are the three women justices on the US Supreme Court; here’s a profile that just hit the NYT homepage.

Coincidence or conspiracy?

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