Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 7/17 & Wednesday 7/18/2012: Volatile & Intense

Be aware of the potential for two days of high energy and intensity, as a slew of volatile patterns are exact Tuesday and Wednesday. Some of you may have been feeling the build up beginning several days ago, especially if you have key points or planets at 6-10 days or degrees into the signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. To the reader who wrote to ask if there were any aspects indicating “violence or thievery” because more than one person she knows was robbed yesterday, and there were so many fights on the street, the answer is YES. The planets reflecting the potential for explosive energy are aggressive Mars challenging ruthless Pluto (exact Tuesday at 4:23PM ET) AND rebel Uranus (exact at 10:56 PM ET).

Here’s the blow by blow: an exuberant connection between Mars and expansive Jupiter suggests we have energy to burn, big time. Drop and give me 50 — that would be a constructive release, as would a long walk in the park. Launching an initiative would not be on my plate today, given that we are in the dark side of the Moon. This is a time to be wrapping up loose ends from this lunar cycle and preparing for the New Moon at 12:24AM ET on Thursday.

With this “dead”  Moon in sensitive, moody Cancer, emotional security is the reigning need of the day — and that need could be sorely challenged. An emotionally volatile, power-oriented exchange may be heard around 11:34AM ET, as Moon is squared by Mars…followed by an opposition from Pluto at 11:48AM ET…AND a challenge from disruptive Uranus at 1:12PM ET. How to handle it? Bite your tongue. Refrain from making intentionally provocative statements at this time — the reaction could be unpredictable. Be especially aware of your surroundings and take evasive action if necessary. Play it safe — unless you’re channeling energy into a creative project or a psychotherapy session. Those are instances where you could experience major breakthroughs.

On Wednesday, Moon continues her journey through Cancer…where it connects with  restrictive Saturn at 5:24PM ET (what limits or discipline will be placed on your plans)…and faces off against Uranus (surprise!) at 10:56PM ET. In the headlines, we may see more than the usual share of “if it bleeds, it leads” stories…as well as accidents and outbursts — including unpredictable shocks from Mother Nature.  I’ve already seen the biggest anti-nuclear protest yet in Japan, fast cars on the home page of the New York Times and a creepy story about needles found in turkey sandwiches on a recent Delta Airlines flight.  I’m not going to link that last one. Suffice it to say that it was on the  AOL homepage — apparently the world’s leading source of  news items containing the words “horrifying”, “horrible” or “horrific” in the headline.

Add all these patterns up; throw in yesterday’s void-of-course Moon AND Mercury retrograde, and you get an Olympic-sized traffic jam. As Suze Orman always says, “Now you stay safe!”


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