Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 7/15/2014: Saturn at the Halfway Point

An ethereal Pisces Moon on a day with the Sun in Cancer can facilitate greater emotional sensitivity and compassion. Note your dreams upon waking — especially West Coasters, as the Moon meets up with nebulous Neptune at 10:25AM ET. What may be experienced as rose-colored fog or befuddlement for your analytical brain may also be experienced as a flash of insight channeled from some other plane. Further depth of insight and/or a potential healing or regenerative communication may be yours this evening, as the Moon makes an easy connection to potent Pluto.

Now, a little bit of news. Saturn now sits at a virtual standstill at 16 degrees of Scorpio, halfway through the 30 degrees it must travel to get to the next sign, Sagittarius. Regular readers of this forecast may recall that when Saturn first entered Scorpio in October of 2012, we anticipated that reproductive health issues and other consequences and controls (Saturn) of sexual energy (Scorpio) would be a major focus. For example, we’ve seen many efforts to control and restrict the ability of women to access contraceptives. Today, however — halfway through Scorpio — there is a notable push back against these controls, as the Senate Judiciary Committee holds a hearing on a new bill called the Women’s Health Protection Act, as explained in this NYT editorial.  Does it have a snowball’s chance in hell of passing? Not with the current crop of members in the House of Representatives. But things change…

If you’ve been reading this forecast for the past five years, you may also recall that when Saturn entered Libra, I opined that fairness in relationships (Libra) under the law (Saturn) would become a major focus, and specifically, the issue of gay marriage. I projected that once Saturn got halfway through Libra, we would see the beginning of a clear shift against laws that banned gay marriage, and that’s what happened.

Follow up from yesterday: you may recall that there is an uncomfortably tense pattern between Saturn (old guard) and Uranus (avant garde) all month. This suggests challenges of adjustment and assimilation, as new information is presented that does not fit with old paradigms. It also supports the prominence of mindset and beliefs trumping established facts and laws that we’ve seen in the headlines over the past couple of months. Thus, yesterday I was delighted to see a number of Facebook posts reflecting this tension, especially this link about cognitive dissonance,  Yes, exactly — cognitive dissonance — the challenge of assimilating new information that contradicts an old paradigm. Coincidence or conspiracy?


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