Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 6/26/2012: A Venus Retrograde Poster Child

Moon goes void of course at 6:53 AM ET, on a potentially cranky/critical connection to aggressive Mars in fussbudget Virgo. If you’re on the East Coast and feel like you got up on the wrong side of the bed, blame those planetary patterns. Then do something productive with all that energy — like delete the “” email address that the rocket scientists at facebook have listed as your primary contact — and they did it without even asking you. Why, the nerve of them — how rude and totally lacking in social graces, too!  Here’s how to delete the address from your facebook profile and list whatever contact information you prefer.  And let that be the unexpected twist to your morning routing during the Moon void — that, and the fact that this forecast is later than originally planned  :)

The day gets into gear at 1:15PM ET, when Moon enters Libra, sign of partnership, in a lovely connection to mental Mercury….followed by an equally lovely connection to jolly Jupiter at 7:10PM ET. That should keep our spirits lifted. And how fitting that on the last full day of Venus retrograde, the Moon is in the sign most concerned with integrity in relationship and other social graces which some observe have been sorely lacking since May 16th. One of the poster children for the current Venus retrograde has to be Karen Klein, a 68 year old bus monitor who was making about $15,000/year. A video of her being verbally abused by four extremely rude 13 year olds was posted on YouTube and seven million people watched. It would appear that 13 year olds have not changed much since I attended school with other persons in that age bracket, but back then we didn’t have video cameras and websites. This story has fulfilled its Venus retrograde function of getting us to focus on courtesy and other facets of basic human decency. And it has a happy ending: an online campaign raised $645,000 to send Karen Klein on the vacation of a lifetime — which hopefully she will take when Mercury goes retrograde on July 14th…turning direct again on August 8th.

Another common occurrence of Venus retrograde: unexpected encounters with old romantic flames and prospects. Also: relationships that feel like you’ve met your soul mate. If you’re in one of those, keep your wits about you, as you may not feel the same in a few months. Venus retrograde can do strange things to our usual sense of aesthetics, attracting us to people and things we normally wouldn’t look twice at. This is one of the drawbacks of having a political election during Venus retrograde, as we did in November of 2010. There are sure to be major cases of buyer’s remorse a few months later, once Venus turns direct.  Isn’t that right, Governors Paul LePage, Scott Walker and Rick Scott? Did I leave anyone out? Venus has been retrograde since May 15th. I am making a mental note to myself to talk about the Sabian Symbol for Venus turning direct in tomorrow’s forecast.

Last, but not least: at 11:30PM ET the First Quarter Moon (a square between the Sun and the Moon) is exact. By now, you should be seeing the first challenge to your New Moon agenda. Change plans and strategies accordingly.

Peace out.

PS — a major status quo-disrupting piece of news hit the wires late last night, consistent with technological breakthroughs we can expect with Uranus (technology) square Pluto (empowerment):  “How Many Computers to Identify a Cat? 16,000”


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