Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 6/14/2011: The Republican Presidential Candidates, Briefly

In your own personal world, today’s Moon in optimistic Sagittarius, a sign that needs to tell the world its opinion on everything, could lift your spirits higher than the recent moody bastard Moon in Scorpio vibe in effect until 10:38PM EDT last night. Or it could add hot air to a simmering situation.

The Moon is waxing full — and will be exactly full Wednesday at 4:14PM EDT, coinciding with an especially long total eclipse. Emotions — and opinions — may well run high. Release of whatever is not working likely arrives after this especially potent Full Moon, which I’ll write more about tomorrow.

Yesterday’s debate among the Republicans who (so far) would be President happened during a void of course Moon, which suggests it was of no consequence. Perhaps the serious contenders haven’t joined the party yet. But a look at the horoscopes of these contenders reveals some interesting patterns. The dominant element of their respective Suns and Moons is Fire. Cain is a Sag with Moon likely in me-first Aries. Pawlenty is a Sag with Moon either in Aries or Pisces. Bachman is an Aries with Moon in (needing to be) socially significant Aquarius. Gingrich is a Gemini with Moon in Sag. Ron Paul is a Leo with Moon in Taurus, suggesting a need to make things “the way they should be”. Santorum is a Taurus with Moon in Aquarius, fixed in his ways — as is Paul. Mitt Romney stands out with Sun and Moon both in Water Signs: Sun in Pisces; Moon in Scorpio.

I’d write more, but I’m traveling today. To be continued…

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