Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 5/19/2015: Barack Obama on Twitter; Losing Your Head

So how’s your Mercury retrograde going? The wireless driver on my computer died and set me back a couple of hours. But thanks to the magic of Google, I found a solution. All I needed to do was not panic, stay focused and download a new Realtek driver. Take THAT, Mercury retrograde!

Lots of buzz in the air today. Take care of business before 2PM ET and then focus on what is routine, as the Gemini Moon will be void until 9:56AM ET on Wednesday. Don’t turn molehills into mountains of crisis, especially with emotions running so high and wiggy under current planetary patterns.

Yesterday I mentioned the wiggy part, due on Memorial Day. The high emotions will show up now and through the week, as power maven Pluto opposes Venus (social expression, money, women, art) in Cancer late on Thursday. On Friday, we’ve got the annual face-off between control freak Saturn and the life-giving Sun.  Sounds like a week of market volatility, for sure.

And now, the news.

I couldn’t make this up if I tried. Within minutes of posting yesterday’s forecast wondering how the darker side of the feminine and themes of “losing your head” would be reflected in the headlines (as suggested by planetary patterns, these items appear. Exhibit A: “Irish-born Samantha Lewthwaite has murdered 400 people…”. Exhibit B: “Saudi Arabia advertises for eight new executioners as beheading rate soars”. Exhibit C: 170 (!!!) people were arrested and charged in Waco, Texas, in the aftermath of a shoot-out among bikers that left nine people dead. Exhibit D: a New York City council member proposed that panic buttons be installed in the backseats of taxicabs.

How does this happen? It’s a mystery. All I know is that it works. I do not know why.

Meanwhile, at 11:38AM, with the transiting Moon in clever, chatty Gemini exactly conjunct his natal Gemini Moon, President Obama launched his very own Twitter account. At that moment, expansive Jupiter (King of the Gods) in regal Leo was conjunct the 14 degree Leo Ascendant — within a couple of degrees of the president’s own Leo Sun. I mean, really. Coincidence or conspiracy? Is there an astrologer in the house?

Oh, and there is technogeek Uranus in the 9th house of broadcasting, trine the Ascendant and Jupiter. Nice. Let the record also show that the Moon was thisclose to warrior Mars. Not a pattern that is likely to mince words, especially with Mercury/Pluto at the prominent Aries Point.

Not so crazy about the Sun, ruler of the chart, being opposed by Saturn, ruler of the 7th (the audience). Not every tweet will be well-received. I guess you just can’t please everybody all the time. Thus I conclude that it is unlikely that the President will tweet the full text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal in 140-character installments any time soon.

Have I mentioned that Mercury retrograde is awesome for reviewing your life with your astrologer? I would be delighted to help you assess your progress over the past three months and make a plan for the future. Here’s the 411 on consultations.

Thank you for reading this forecast.


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