Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 5/13/2014: Venus & Mars Help Each Other Out

OK, get to work — but first note your dreams and intuitive hits upon waking, courtesy of the Moon in the watery depths of Scorpio in harmony with visionary Neptune. Go about your business with strategic flair, as you seek the knowledge you need to support your plans for world domination. Get it structured, organized and under control — despite those around you who may be erratically acting out the buzz of this week’s meeting of Venus and Uranus, challenged by ruthless Pluto (see yesterday’s post for details). Oh yeah — and note that the Scorpio Moon is waxing full — exact tomorrow at 3:16PM ET. You’ll want to ship your stuff by then — or wait until Thursday if it’s a project you wish to be of consequence.

And now, the news.

I was not able to post a weekend forecast, though there was plenty of planetary action  — especially on Mothers Day. The people-pleasing Libra Moon was supercharged by contacts with generous Jupiter, rebel Uranus and potent Pluto. A need to see things in the most beautiful light was suggested by a rose-colored connection between mental Mercury and dreamy Neptune. There were so many gracious, soulful and appreciative (Libra keyword!) posts about moms on Facebook that there were actually posts thanking people for posting them.

Also exact on Sunday: a passionate connection between Venus in Aries and Mars in Libra, doing their best to help each other out. How so? Well, Mars is in a sign that is ruled by Venus;  Venus is in a sign ruled by Mars. So there’s a helpful connection there & the technical term for it is mutual reception. It is fascinating to note that in traditional astrology, Venus in Aries (the Ram — make a note of this) is considered to be a very challenging placement. All that feminine energy running around in a warrior sign…horrors! And Mars in Libra is also thought of as challenging. The warrior planet sitting in a feminine sign associated with cotton candy pink and sweet talk…eek! To add insult to injury for Mars — it is retrograde — dancing backwards — and we know only girls do that, right? Geez.

Thus I was fascinated to see that football player Michael Sam — who so looks like he might have Libra Ascendant, with that perfectly balanced face — made headlines on Sunday. Michael Sam is the first openly-gay player in the NFL. It could be argued that being gay has traditionally been a disadvantage in the  “macho” world of pro football. Kind of like macho Mars at a disadvantage in graceful Libra? But on the day that Mars in Libra was exactly opposed by Venus in Aries — traditionally suggesting a passionate connection between partners — Michael Sam is chosen to play (drafted)…at the very last minute….by….the planet of love (Venus) helping out the planet Mars…with Venus played by…the St. Louis RAMs. Of course Venus is all super-charged, given its connection with Uranus and Pluto this week. Perfect time for “unconventional” attractions and disrupting the status quo!

I could not make this stuff up if I tried. And between that story and all the tributes to Mom on Facebook,  you really needed to have a box of Kleenex handy on Sunday. Many more stories to share…but my taxi to the airport will be here any minute.

Mahalo for reading this forecast. Gotta fly!

Dear New Yorkers, I’ll be back in the city this week and  will be available for in-person consultations. Dear Rest of the Free World, I am always available for personal consultations via Skype or telephone. Here’s how to contact me.






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