Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 4/5/2011: Obama, Scalia and More

Why do things happen when they do, according to astrology? Your horoscope is a map of a moment in time — the moment, presumably, when you took your first breath. That map (you could also call it a pattern — or even a software program for the soul) does not change. But the planets keep moving, and as as they move, they connect with planets and points in your horoscope. Imagine a cue ball striking other balls on a pool table. The cue ball is a transiting planet — one that is moving. The other balls are planets in your horoscope — not moving. Got that? So when those balls on the table are being triggered by transiting planets/cue balls, the horoscope is “hot” and  things happen.

For example, last Tuesday a man presumably on his way to work was issued a ticket after rear-ending another car stopped in traffic. This man, born Mar 11, 1936 @ 8:55PM in Trenton, NJ, had his natal Mars in impulsive, impatient Aries triggered by last Monday’s Jupiter – Saturn opposition. This suggests frustration or delays in efforts to expand or move forward, directly connected to his 3rd house of short journeys.  The man’s Mercury (mind, communication, travel) is currently under the influence of nebulous Neptune, perhaps clouding his usual sharp focus. Transiting Mercury was stationary retrograde almost exactly opposite his Libra Ascendant and Pluto in Cancer.  There’s more, but that’s enough to suggest a potentially explosive release of energy projected in a public one-on-one encounter, as a result of unfocused thinking and impatient and/or aggressive actions curbed by certain controls, such as two tons of steel blocking one’s path. Such was the case with Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Fascinating!

Meanwhile, rumors that Barack Obama would announce his campaign for re-election on Monday had me flummoxed. Launch a major initiative during a void of course Moon? But…why? I was therefore surprised to receive an official announcement email from his campaign committee time-stamped 4:13AM — two hours before the void began. Hmmm…interesting.  Do you remember a few weeks ago, when Obama ordered our military forces into Libya, I observed that the top of Obama’s horoscope (which has to do with career, status and reputation) was being challenged by a square from nebulous Neptune, suggesting confusion and/or illusion in those areas of his life. Others may find his actions bewildering — or inspiring; Obama may be struggling to present a clearly defined picture, but somehow the message is diluted and/or dissolved. Would you believe that the chart for 4:13AM 4/4/2011 in Washington DC shows this EXACT aspect: Neptune challenging this top of the chart!! Coincidence or conspiracy?

Finally, this tidbit: Steven L. Newman, CEO of Transocean Ltd., the company that co-produced last April’s Mercury retrograde disaster (the Deepwater Horizon oil spill), might well benefit from an astrologer on his staff. Apparently unaware of the likely effects of Mercury retrograde in impatient, impulsive Aries, last week Newman proudly announced…oh, let me just quote the opening line of the CNN article. Warning! May cause spit takes:

“The owner of the Gulf of Mexico oil rig that exploded last year, killing 11 workers and leading to what has been called the worst oil spill ever, said Monday that calling 2010 its “best year” in safety “may have been insensitive.”

But surely not as insensitive as Newman’s reported $200,000 salary increase. Did I just hear you mutter, “that’s not FAIR!”  (see yesterday’s forecast) Congratulations, you’re reflecting perfectly Saturn’s current journey through Libra.

Bottom line: in a Mercury retrograde, especially THIS Mercury retrograde, silence can be a very good friend.

Tuesday dawns with some lunar traction in Taurus, a sign that needs to establish material security by giving form to — and organizing — ideas. No void Moon on a work day — woo-hoo! This can be a wonderfully productive day, buoyed by an optimistic, expansive connection between the Sun and jolly Jupiter, the cosmic sugar daddy. Buy a few lottery tickets, especially if you’re celebrating a birthday this week or if you have a planet at 16-17 degrees of Aries. Hey, you never know. And definitely get it done today, as opposed to Wednesday, because the Moon goes void again Tuesday at 7:02PM EDT…and doesn’t enter Gemini until 7:22AM EDT Thursday.

Tomorrow, a look at the horoscope of Governor Paul LePage, currently employed by the people of the State of Maine. To the readers who made this request several days ago, thanks for your patience.

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