Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 3/24/2015: The Rose-Colored Glasses of Venus & Neptune

Sweet dreams after a pleasant evening, I hope.

Savor the potential slow start to your morning, as the Taurus Moon is still void of course. It buzzes into Gemini at 9:22AM ET, yakking and gathering information happily until around 5:53PM ET, when it faces off against stern Saturn. OK, so…who is trying to muzzle your brilliant thoughts and words now? Just before midnight confusion or a rose-colored escape may be yours, as the Moon is challenged by nebulous Neptune.

Planets in Taurus are generally steady, slow, deliberate and patient. Planets in Virgo function with precision and detail. Instead of doing the news, today I’m sharing a video a friend sent me about an unusually exacting and patient artist. Why an artist? Probably because I’m under the spell of the cooperative connection between Venus (art) and Neptune, exact at 2:26AM ET.  I’d like to look at the world through rose-colored glasses for a bit.

Have you ever heard of Paul Smith? He has four planets in Virgo, including three (Saturn, Sun and Jupiter) conjunct at 29 Virgo, which is a point of prominence. He’s likely to attract attention just for being in the room. And in fact, his work became known around the world.

He has Moon in Taurus. He can be patient. He finds what he likes and sticks with it. We don’t have a time of birth (September 21, 1921 in Philadelphia), but I’d bet his Moon is in touch with Neptune, suggesting sensitivity and artistry.

His Mars is in Virgo (more precision in action), and it’s opposed by rebel Uranus. So there’s a buzz about his activity — something offbeat, electric and erratic. His Venus (social expression) is in Leo. He has a sunny, regal disposition — at least from what I can see in this video.

What’s his medium? He creates pictures on an old-fashioned typewriter. Well, created. He passed away in 2007 at the age of 85. I loved watching the video of him at work. I love how his art expresses patterns we see in his horoscope. And I wanted to honor his efforts to bring a little bit of beauty into the world — in a tangible, Moon-in-Taurus form. He was born with plenty of hurdles to overcome, the least of which was severe cerebral palsy. But as his website says, he led a remarkable life.

How interesting that my friend sent me the video a few days ago, when the New Moon & solar eclipse made exact contact with Mr. Smith’s Jupiter-Sun-Saturn conjunction. We’d expect that eclipse to trigger that pattern of prominence, and here I am, compelled to share his  story with you. Coincidence or conspiracy?

Thank you for reading this forecast. The regular news round-up will continue tomorrow.


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