Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 2/7/2012: Full Moon in Leo — Rowwwrr!

Review yesterday’s forecast for notes on the innovative and/or idealistic notions that may spring up around you today. Look for advances in technology, humanitarian service and /or news from the cosmos, suggested by the exact hook-up between Sun and mental Mercury exact at 4:30AM ET.

Saturn reverses course in Libra at 9:03AM ET, suggesting we’ll have opportunities to review and restructure issues of fairness, justice and equality in relationship until October 6th, when Saturn enters Scorpio. Look what we’ve managed to accomplish so far in the US during the last year and some months of Saturn in Libra: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is now history, and the rites/rights of marriage are — slowly, but surely — being made more inclusive. Not to mention the issues of economic equality being brought forward by forces such as OWS (though I see OWS and other revolutionary movements around the world as a reflection of the tension between the outer planets, Uranus and Pluto, in addition to Saturn in Libra).

And then there’s the Full Moon in Leo, exact at 4:54PM ET, bringing ego needs to the surface (conflicting, perhaps, with the need of the “group”),  along with all the drama queens it can carry with it. Remember that if you’re feeling especially dramatic or find yourself surrounded by drama royalty. Emotions can run high and deep, especially with Venus, planet of social expression, ready to drown and/or merge totally at the tail end of Pisces (tomorrow Venus enters me-me-me Aries — not a sign to drown in anything). So be kind to yourself during this high tide of emotions, will you? Have fun with it!

The Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon at 19 Leo seems too apropos not to mention (with gratitude to Sabian Symbol Guru Blain Bovee — order his book on Kindle already, if you’re a serious student of astrology). Here it is: a houseboat party. “Imagine a flaming left-wing liberal finding himself at conservative right-wing party on a houseboat. It’s a difficult situation calling for diplomatic and delicate maneuvers so as not to rock the boat.” Point being, that a wise strategy might be to contain your fiery passions, especially if expressing said passions would provoke a heated dispute. Mars is retrograde right now, remember…so while an urge to shift into combat mode might be tempting, the wise grasshopper would consciously choose to cool it, for the sake of the collective. Let’s hope those who have influence in Iran, Israel and the U.S. are listening…





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