Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 12/9/2014

Only one planetary pattern of note today: a stable connection between the emotional security-seeking Cancer Moon and structuring Saturn, exact at 7:14PM ET. Heed your nurturing instincts and feather your nest. Feel free to use that as a metaphor for projects you’re working on outside the home. Moon goes void for a three-hour break and enters party-hearty Leo at 10:14PM ET. Break out the holiday grog.

And now, the news — a veritable backlog of topics worth noting, some from last week, too.

So yesterday we were talking about the harsh reality check the U.S. continues to wrestle as the disruptive Uranus-Pluto square puts pressure on the Sun-Saturn square in the U.S. horoscope. If you wonder why the U.S. has such a strong Puritan work ethic, start with the need for heavy responsibility (and the energy to do something about it), start with that square. Saturn is a stern taskmaster. Nothing is free. Earn your keep. Yadda, yadda. Our role as the responsible “heavy” is what is likely to be uncomfortably challenged, shaken and/or transformed as we get further into 2015. One item on that agenda may well be a contentious “torture report” about to be released today. (and since I started writing, the report is out — “contentious” is an understatement).

Meanwhile, we’re also experiencing some trends that feel quite positive. Last week we had another stellar jobs report, with one notable hiring increase in the health care sector credited to the Affordable Care Act. The markets continue to soar. We’ve become the world’s biggest oil producer.  And renewable energy production continues to accelerate. So in some ways, you could argue that the U.S. is in a period of empowerment and independence– thank you, transiting Uranus-Pluto to the U.S. Sun.

Canada went through a similar empowering transit a couple of years ago, which we’ve seen reflected in a middle class standard of living that has surpassed the United States. It’s also been reflected in its drive to become an even more empowered exporter of energy resources by building the Keystone XL Pipeline through the U.S. The oil that would travel through that proposed pipeline would be Canadian oil destined for sale to countries which are not the United States. After a proposed two-year building phase, it has been estimated that the hypothetical pipeline would create 50 permanent jobs in the U.S.  Canada may be in for a startling change of direction in 2015-2017, however, considering the horoscope for its birth on July 1, 1867.

More on Uranus and Pluto. The two together suggest a disruption of the status quo in matters of news from underground, power and resources. Put oil in that category and it’s a handy backdrop for the current (surprising) downward trend in oil prices, which has coincided with a 40% drop in permits for oil and gas drilling in the U.S. Oil prices, however, have a global impact that is not good news for everyone.  Tying this pattern back to the U.S. horoscope, and it’s also a backdrop for the exposure of corruption, as the NYT reported last week on the “secretive alliances” between many state attorneys general (whose job descriptions mandate that they serve the public) and oil corporations.  Other tidbits: an oil deal reached between the Iraqi government and the Kurds; a massive oil spill in Israel and a plea from the Philippines (which just got slammed by yet another hurricane) for the rest of the world to reduce carbon emissions.

Meanwhile, from outer space (Uranus), the latest super-fascinating report from the Curiosity explorer on Mars, which continues to disrupt our perspective (Pluto) on the Red Planet. Also fascinating and timely, given planetary patterns: an in-depth report on the woman who discovered the radioactive element francium was featured in last Sunday’s NYT Magazine, and everything you need to know about the electric (Uranus) eel.

Finally, an update on President Obama’s horoscope. He was certainly  — as anticipated — on top of his game last night as the guest du soir on The Colbert Report — clips can be seen here.    Also as anticipated in prior forecasts was the potential for a health concern right about now. And in fact, the president did see a doctor last week and was diagnosed with acid reflux (caused by stress, no doubt), as the Times of India reports with its own unique spin.

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