Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 1/17/2012: More Moon in Scorpio, Scott Walker & Feeling Hungary Again

The need to acquire knowledge for the sake of power and control continues today, with Moon in Scorpio aided and abetted by Mercury (mind, communication, travel) in a cooperatively placed in the practical sign of Capricorn. Last rose-colored glasses (courtesy of Neptune and Venus) have now been replaced by an approaching square (challenge) to the Sun by Mr. Reality Check, a.k.a. Saturn. Get real about what you’ve accomplished so far this year — and whatever pushes need to be made, do it this week, before Mars turns retrograde on January 23rd. After that we’ll be in a strategy session until April 13th, perfecting issues related to work, routine, organization, diet, and discernment.

Yesterday I noted that the early morning hours were likely to be a bit restless, and I am hearing reports that I wasn’t the only one who woke up several during the night — which rarely ever happens. In other news, I see Hungary is once again making headlines, as predicted in this forecast on December 16th (check the archives). Hungary’s horoscope suggests continued upheaval in the area of resources (courtesy of rebel Uranus), and a ruthless squeeze for control, as transformational Pluto makes a mighty challenge to Saturn, planet of ambition and control. Meanwhile, in Wisconsin, enough signatures have been reportedly gathered to ensure a recall — or a do-over — election intended to remove Scott Walker from the governor’s mansion. Regular readers have been kept abreast of planetary patterns in  Governor Walker’s horoscope since February 23rd (check the archives). As with Hungary, Walker is experiencing a ruthless squeeze from Pluto to his natal Saturn AND his natal Mars, suggesting “extreme force, brutality, persuasion, excessive effort” and “the threat of loss in any area of life; hard, hard work”. Click the link on the referenced articles for some examples of  “persuasion and extreme effort” as Walker pulls out all the stops to keep from losing his job this summer. Walker has Sun and Moon in Scorpio, that alone suggests he’s not going anywhere without a fight.

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