Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 11/26/2013: Practical Magic

A fine day for cooperative ventures and hammering out details, as the perfection-seeking Virgo Moon makes harmonious aspects to five planets — with four of those connections happening between 3PM and 10PM ET. That’s plenty of energy to get things off your desk before the Moon goes void at 6:44AM ET on Wednesday…not to enter Libra for ten hours. Really, Wednesday is likely to be a bust, though it may start off on an especially assertive note, given that the Moon will hook-up with action hero Mars before it goes void. Keep that in mind if you’ll be traveling on that day; tempers may flare for many who will find fault.

That being said, this whole week bodes well for thinking, writing & other communication-oriented types, as mental Mercury makes easy aspects to four planets between 9PM ET Monday and  3AM on Thursday. After yesterday’s serious focus, idealism and optimism kick in, along with an indulgent and perhaps expensive face-off between loving Venus and expansive Jupiter that will be exact early Thanksgiving morning. You’ll have plenty of chances to count your blessings…

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