Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 11/20/2012: Sublime & Surreal

Today’s First Quarter Moon — between Moon in Aquarius and Sun in Scorpio — often brings a challenge to whatever seeds were planted at the New Moon. What was that mission you started on? Here, the challenge may be a dispute over how things should be organized, involving parties who are quite stubborn– and perhaps eccentric — in their beliefs. Get your ego out of the way; take one for the team in the spirit of the humanitarian Aquarius Moon…which dissolves into the dreamy Pisces Moon just in time for lunch on the East Coast; breakfast on the West.

East Coasters, take note of the void-of-course Moon from 9:31AM – 11:55AM ET, suggesting a twist or flake to detract from your efforts to move forward in a straight line West Coasters, the void will be behind you by the time you get to the office, assuming your commute is not impacted by the drifting vibe of the Moon void.

Rose is still the color of the week, not pumpkin and other autumn hues. You might want to wear something pumpkin or rust-colored to keep you grounded. Mercury is still in retrograde, challenging our circuitry. Nebulous Neptune is remains prominent — casting shadows and fog, along with pixie dust visions. And then there’s that edgy buzz, courtesy of Friday’s challenge between aggressive Mars and rebel Uranus (read yesterday’s forecast for birthdays especially impacted by that potential clash), that could go off like a firecracker at any minute.

Examples of muddled mindsets: 1) a friend buys fish and veggies at the market. She remembers she forgot to put the fish in the frig…six hours later. No fish for her! 2) another friend has a housekeeper…and a cat.The housekeeper mops the floor and puts the litterbox back in place with its entrance facing the wall. Guess what the cat did as a back-up plan? Unless you’re lying on a beach somewhere, or deep in meditation or creative brainstorming, please take the extra time to focus…even on seemingly mindless tasks.

In the spirit of nebulous Neptune and Mercury retrograde, let the record show that one of the biggest stories over the weekend (and still going strong) was the alleged death of the Twinkie. This is actually a serious story, as many jobs are at stake, affecting human lives; but the Twinkie itself seems to be getting more coverage. I’m thinking Neptune most definitely rules the Twinkie, as this glamorous confection has to be one of most hyped-up fake foods ever made. As it turns out, rumors of its death may have been greatly exaggerated (Mercury retrograde). Labor and management have now been ordered to mediate ; corporate suitors are lining up and I can’t tell you how delighted I am that the blokes at The Guardian have an opinion on this story, too.

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