Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 11/19/2013: More Moon in Gemini Bzzzzz

Get it off your desk before 11AM ET, if it’s a matter of considerable importance. There’s plenty of positive energy to fuel your efforts, courtesy of a supportive connection between action hero Mars and expansive Jupiter at 9:49AM ET. If there’s a caveat, it may involve a potential clash of wills involving an overload of information vs. a drive to make it all perfect, thanks to a challenge between Mars (action) the Moon in information junkie Gemini.

Release the tension with a sigh after 11AM ET, when the Moon goes void for the rest of the business day, not to enter the next sign until 6:23AM ET on Wednesday. Moon void or no, a cooperative connection between mental Mercury and potent Pluto suggests strong potential for research, drafting and other mindful focus — just go with the flow.

Meanwhile, let the record show that as predicted, George Zimmerman is once again in trouble with the law — arrested and charged with a felony.  To be continued, no doubt…

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