Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 11/16/2010

“Up, up and away…in my beautiful balloon…” feels like no coincidence that I’d encounter this song on a evening (Monday) under the influence of a jovial connection between Sun and expansive, often high-flying Jupiter — and oh — this can’t be a coincidence, either — the recording is by The Fifth Dimension and today (Monday) I noted yet another news item about scientists being confident that the existence of other dimensions will likely be proven in a year or so —

Angelenos, if you’re reading this after 8:37AM LA time, the Moon is void of course until 2:59 PM LA time. Maybe you overslept — or will face a more challenging commute to the office today. New Yorkers, you probably got to work just fine…and hopefully accomplished a lot before 11:37AM. The rest of your day is great for creative noodling and for taking care of routine matters. If a crisis materializes during your afternoon, I’d be willing to bet that it is much ado about nothing. Chill, float…go with the flow…listen to some groovy music…until Moon blasts into pioneering, full-speed ahead Aries at 5:59PM NY time. You may notice the shift in energy immediately as the pace picks up.

Now granted, we can’t always plan our days perfectly according to the planetary patterns. Perhaps you have some Very Important Meeting scheduled this AM. Don’t panic! Just be aware of what’s going on when you’re in that meeting. Is it hard to stay focused on the meeting agenda? Is there an unexpected twist that requires you to drop your original strategy and adjust to a new game plan? If so, just roll with it — even if the twist is that the person you’re meeting with doesn’t show up– physically — or worse — mentally. You’ll have a chance to regroup later.

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