Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 1/1/11 & More on Ted Williams

More of the same from yesterday: big and/or inflated ideas, opinions, striving for expression and respect. If it’s your idea, of course it’s brilliant;  the ideas of others — well — perhaps those will provide fodder for a rowdy debate. Challenges are suggested by the end of the day on both coasts, when it may become clear that passion and impulsive drive need to be shaped and structured in order to take form. That challenge will come just before Wednesday’s First Quarter Moon — perhaps adjusting your “make it happen” agenda from last week’s New Moon. And that’s all good, right?

I promised a reader I’d take a look at the horoscope of Ted Williams — the man with the “golden voice” — and his sudden rise to fame. Now before I even found the birth date on line, I expected to see at least one of two things: 1) something major that would have been triggered by the potential “sudden windfall that  disrupts the status quo” of last week’s Jupiter-Uranus conjunction; and 2) something in his chart connected to the Aries Point. Regular readers of this column will recall the Aries Point corresponds to the first day of each season: the equinoxes and the solstices. If you have a planet close to zero degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn, it will likely “pull focus” in your horoscope — striving for recognition.

So here’s Ted Williams: 9/22/1957, birth time unknown, in Bed-Stuy (Brooklyn)  NY. What do we see? Sun and Mars at 29 Virgo — within half a degree of the Aries Point of zero Libra, triggered by an opposition from that “sudden windfall” of Jupiter-Uranus! Isn’t astrology fascinating?

If you enjoy this daily forecast, I would be thrilled if you shared it with all your friends. If you do and something magical happens, I will be able to write about my “sudden windfall”, too! : )

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