Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 10/6/2015: Royal Power Plays: Sublime or Delusional?

The Moon’s ingress into Leo — as of 4:31AM ET — suggests a need for applause on center stage. A Leo drive facilitates creative self-expression, preferably by following your heart. Yes, it does have a king/queen complex and can huff and puff with regal entitlement. One way to diffuse an expression of Leo in bad form is to remind him or her how much they are loved. When Leo is shining, everyone else may, too…and when the Moon is in Leo, that applies to everyone. Why? Because I just said so. That is my royal edict, in the spirit of royal Leo. How will you help someone shine today? How will you let them know they are loved?

Refer to yesterday’s forecast for the 411 on the three major aspects exact today. Briefly, it’s a day where we can expect big power plays of a visionary and/or delusional kind, presented with breathtaking spin and seemingly thoroughly thought-out. I say “seemingly” because Mercury is retrograde, so how can we really be sure. But in your own quest for world domination, you may feel as if much has been accomplished today…for better or for worse…with a razzle-dazzle entertainment as your reward in the evening hours…

…which is a perfect cue to present Tarot Diva Beth Owlsdaughter’s Card of the Week — gorgeously in synch with the highest potential of today’s planetary patterns — I know you will love it!

And now, the news.

The shock of yesterday morning’s challenge (7:04AM ET) between the Moon and disruptive Uranus, combined with other travel-challenging patterns showed up in a couple of surprising items. “A freak of nature” was cited as the cause of an Amtrak train’s derailment in Vermont. “Freaky” seems a bit hyperbolic to describe a rock slide — are we that detached from Mother Earth? But whatever. Meanwhile, just before 7 AM ET an American Airlines pilot suffered a heart attack and died in the cockpit. The co-pilot landed the plane safely. But still — that is freaky, reflecting the sudden shock potential of Uranus in action.

Oil made headlines yesterday, as anticipated, including this effort at empowerment (Pluto square Sun) “Oil Industry Gaining in Push for Repeal of U.S. Ban on Petroleum Exports”.  A “news from underground” item included this: “Scientists Hope to Learn How Pompeiians Lived Before the Big Day”. Regeneration is a Pluto theme, and on Sunday the NYT published a long sobering piece about the actual cost-savings of recycling. I’ll keep composting anyway, since New York greenmarkets make it so darn easy. Check this out if you live in any of the five boroughs.

Now this one is apt for today’s bewildering Mars-Neptune face-off: Scandal Erupts in the World of Fantasy Sports  Just perfect! Meanwhile, the Nobel prizes for physics are out — and “How Neutrinos Saved the World” tells you all about it. In other news, the world is scheduled to end tomorrow, according to a group of Christians whose prior predictions of when the world would end did not come true. I wonder if anyone in this group knows just enough about astrology to be dangerous, as the second-to-the-last time they predicted the end of the world in May of 2011, Neptune was quite active. I wrote about it back then — and ooh, look, Scott Walker and Donald Trump made news in that day’s forecast, too.

This is Harold Camping’s group of Christians we are talking about, here. After May’s disaster, he recalculated and set his sights on November 2011 — during another Neptune transit. See a pattern? Harold Camping did finally meet his end on December 15, 2013. Neptune was nowhere to be found, as you can see from the forecast posted on that day.

In other news, Cosmopolitan released the cover of their November issue with “America’s First Family” (sic) — the Kardashians — on the cover. Pixie-dust and bewilderment, for sure…just who are we, anyway?


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