Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 10/30/2012: Fallout from Full Mooooooooon in Taurus

A quick post now…in the event that the power goes out here in New York, where we are still keeping a watchful eye on Frankenstorm. With the Full Moon exact at 3:49PM ET on Monday…and the near-immediate Moon-void at 5:01PM ET, I am cautiously optimistic, given the Moon’s placement in usually placid Taurus, that this storm will not be as destructive as feared. Flooding? Yes, courtesy of the high tides of the Full Moon. The Moon void…which will last until 2:40PM ET on Wednesday, suggests that between now and then that time may move slowly and events may move — not quite in the direction that was planned. For the record, I dreamed on Monday morning that the brunt of the storm was felt in Philadelphia. But that has nothing to do with astrology.

Whether you are riding out the storm or not (cue the classic song by The Doors now), this void in Taurus can be a productive meditation on simple joys and essentials that help us feel secure. Especially for those of us in the storm’s path, you can see (even if it’s just via Facebook), a profound appreciation for the simple — yet essential —  joys of shelter, food, wine, music (I even pulled my guitar out of the closet, which I had not touched in many months), and community. May the rest of you also find time to savor the joys of a one-pot pasta casserole, served with a hearty, inexpensive red wine. Count your blessings…and if life is not moving fast enough for you, practice patience.  As I wrote yesterday, patience may well be one of your most valuable assets over the next 36 hours.

Oh — and one other thing in the category of gratitude. For those of you who have noticed the new, shiny gold button on the left hand side of the Daily Forecast page, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

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