Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 10/25/2011: Hints of a New Moon…

More of the same from yesterday: a relationship-oriented, cerebral Moon in Libra seeks appreciation and balance…but if it’s a new agenda you’d like to discuss, the New Moon on Wednesday (not Tuesday, as I mistakenly typed yesterday) is a more favorable time to launch it.

Wrap things up and shake off any restlessness or listlessness with something physical: a walk or a workout, with or without a partner.  Take note of the following, suggested by soon-to-be-exact planetary patterns,  which will set the tone for the month when the New Moon is exact at 3:56PM tomorrow:  intense idealism, highly-charged attraction or conflict,  especially between the sexes, and a spotlight on expanding resources, which can be good for business. Is that why corporate earnings this quarter have been relatively positive (over 68% of companies reporting so far are up). Hmmm….

Also anticipated this week: news from underground, related to nuclear power, radiation, mines, quakes — and here’s what I’ve noticed so far: our most powerful nuclear bomb is being dismantled; mammograms (a.k.a. “slammo-grams”) are reassessed and Caterpillar, a company heavily invested in mining dominates the market on Tuesday And while I’m on the CNBC website, here’s a piece by yet another author/expert pointing out the similarity between our current economy and the 1930s  One day maybe we’ll see an astrologer on a network news program confirming that yes, indeed, there is a striking similarity between planetary patterns we have now…and patterns then.

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