Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday: Special Guest Appearance

The only exact aspect today is the First Quarter Moon, a square between the Virgo Sun and Moon in Sagittarius, at around 1PM ET…..which then goes void of course with a sigh for the rest of the day…until just after 2AM on Friday. The First Quarter Moon suggests a challenge to the New Moon agenda you set a week ago — and the Moon void suggests a good time to let things percolate — but not necessarily take action.

You may recall yesterday I asked you, dear Reader, to share some Moon void stories; today my mailbox is flooded. And because I need to be focused on catching a plane today, I’m delighted to present Helen, in a special guest appearance, with her list of things she loves to do during void-of-course Moons. Plus today’s Sagittarius Moon needs to explore and experience an opinionated philosophical debate outside its usual comfort zone. Enjoy!

Some of the good things during moon voids –  In general:

1. Easy-on-the-cook meals – things like chicken drums and fries in the oven instead of special sauces, adventurous cuisines or inventive dishes.

2.  Depending on when they fall, some moon voids can be just right for that mid-week party night with a few more drinks than are allowable on normal weekdays.  No consequences, right?

3.  The To Do list is put aside, in favor of small pleasures like crafts or simply cracking nuts while listening to a radio show.

4.  Moon void mornings are lazy mornings. : )

5.  Harsh encounters seem less important.
6.  I particularly enjoy when the high-and-mighty make sweeping announcements or launch their enterprises (that I disagree with) during voids.  It gives me a secret smile.
7.  I find following the moon in general creates a sort of breathing, give and take, ebb and flow to life, in contrast to our Western money driven training to always go, go, go, do, do, do, get, get, get – it replaces this pressure of continuous forward momentum with a rhythm and pattern of ebbs and flows, which is healthier for the mind and the soul.

8. It generates the sense that ideas and plans can be considered, put aside for a time, then taken up again, before final decisions are made.  This decreases impulsiveness, creates awareness around activities and purchases, and ultimately, is a wiser method of approaching life’s questions, great and small.

I’m down with all of the above, though I believe that if you’re planning a mid-week party on a Moon void, the higher flake factor suggests more no-shows than non-void occasions. All hail, Helen — thank you for writing! And now, I really must fly….

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