Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday-Saturday 12/16-18/2014: Cuba? No Surprise Here

All fired up at the start of the day, as the intense, knowledge-seeking Moon in Scorpio is challenged by action hero Mars in beyond-the-fringe Aquarius at 5:29AM ET.  You can dig even deeper later this morning, as Moon makes a cooperative connection to regenerative Pluto at 9:39AM ET — and after that, the coast is clear for the rest of the day.

We are in the dark side of the Moon — the balsamic phase — a time to wrap up projects started on the New Moon and think about your wish list for the next lunar cycle, which begins at 8:36PM ET on Sunday. In case I don’t get around to posting a forecast tomorrow, be advised that the Scorpio Moon continues through much of Friday. It goes void of course at 4:11PM ET, giving you a brief break in the action until 4:55PM ET, when the mood lightens up and the Moon engages in high-flying Sagittarius. Given the heavy meet-up between the Moon and Saturn at 4:11PM ET, we’ll welcome that shift in gears.

Meanwhile, the plethora of exact aspects on Saturday can be sensed now and Friday.  What a buzz! As noted on Monday, Venus (money, art, women, social expression) in social-climbing Capricorn will engage with Uranus and Pluto on Saturday. We can expect — as we have in the past — market volatility, intense emotional expression or ruthlessness in relationship and superwomen making headlines — possibly in the obituary section, especially with Sagittarius Sun fast-approaching 0 Capricorn, which regular readers know is the Aries Point, suggesting prominence.

Inspired thinking and innovative action is also suggested, given easy connections between mental Mercury and visionary Neptune, as well as Mars and technogeek Uranus. This makes me think of more discoveries from the Mars Curiosity rover hitting the wires. Check out the latest startling revelations here.

Speaking of technology, the widgetry of WordPress has recorded multiple clicks on the yellow DONATE button on my website, but tragically, no actual donations have materialized. If you happen to be one of those fabulous human beings who makes an effort to appreciate others for the value they bring to your life, and your efforts have been thwarted by a tech snafu, please let me know so my super-fabulous webmaster can investigate. Thank you!

And now, the news.

I can’t tell you how cool it is, two days after the sixth status quo-disrupting Uranus-Pluto square, to see a status quo-disrupting headline as big as the one announcing that the U.S. will restore diplomatic relations with Cuba. Just like that. Instant paradigm shift. As expected. See how easy it is? And the Pope helped!  Marco Rubio may be shocked, shocked, shocked by this news, but you, dear Readers should not be shocked at all. Especially since it’s a major shift tied to actions that took place during the build-up to the Uranus-Pluto conjunction of the mid-60s. The current Uranus-Pluto is the next stage of the cycle.

The horoscope that seems to be favored for Cuba is May 20, 1902 — 12:01p in Havana — this is the date of its declaration of independence from the US. And naturally, that horoscope is hot now, as we’d expect. Instantly we see that Uranus and Pluto is making contact with Cuba’s Venus at 14 degrees of Aries (same degree as Dianne Feinstein’s Ascendant, which we discussed last week). This Venus rules areas of the horoscope referring to public status and mindset — we’d expect a change of perspective! This Venus was hit by October’s lunar eclipse and will be eclipsed again in April. More in store!

Obviously there are other patterns suggesting opportunities for development, especially significant solar arcs involving transformational Pluto, the Midheaven and the Ascendant, as well as the Sun and the Moon. Also significant: transiting Saturn exactly conjunct the IC (also an angle that refers to foundation/homeland concerns). And let us not forget that transiting Saturn is on Barack Obama’s Midheaven (suggesting that he is at the top of his game).

In other world news, the U.S. now seems to believe that North Korea was in fact responsible for hacking into Sony’s computers as a payback for Sony’s planned release of The Interview, an alleged comedy in which the leader of North Korea is assassinated. And it made me think about a seminar discussion with astrologer Noel Tyl, in which he noted that the horoscope of North Korea is driven by a Moon in Sagittarius, which needs needs needs to express its opinions and have those opinions treated with respect (the Moon in Sagittarius also reflects North Korea’s apparent love of all things cinematic and Disney). The Interview doesn’t sound terribly respectful, does it?

Current patterns in North Korea’s horoscope show heavy action among Neptune (subterfuge, deception, film, intangibles), Uranus (technology, shocks to the system) and its Sagittarius Moon. Too bad Sony didn’t consult with an astrologer before greenlighting The Interview, which is now not going to be released on Christmas, as once planned…if ever. Really, Sony…what were you thinking? Do you have more respect for North Korea now?

In other news, Russia.

To be continued….

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