Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday & Friday 8/25-26/2011: A Militant Mars-Saturn Square

Take a deep breath this morning. Moon goes void in Caner at 9:04AM ET, suggesting actions initiated are more likely to be of no consequence, so why not chill if you can.  The challenge may be that right before the Moon loses steam (by going void), it is challenged by feisty Mars and disciplined, “wet blanket” Saturn. And, as you already know from reading earlier forecasts this week, Mars and Saturn square off at 6:48AM ET, suggesting militant determination or frustration. Bottom line: it’s possible that you or those around you may experience something that feels like “all dressed up with no place to go”.  Perhaps the way some Apple shareholders may feel when they learn that Steve Jobs is leaving the company  If you are feeling frustrated or irritable, take it out on a punching bag, not on a colleague or companion.

Countering the edge of the Mars-Saturn square and the need to preserve emotional security suggested by Moon in Cancer is an especially deep and earthy connection between ruthless Pluto, Lord of the Underworld (and resources/regeneration) and Venus (love, money, art, beauty). There really is a silver lining to whatever cloud you may encounter; you really can manifest the resources you need, even though you may have to dig for it. At the end of the day, a heart-to-heart session may be especially intense, cathartic or juicy. If there’s no one available for a heart-to-heart, nurture yourself with a home-cooked meal, surrounded by all your favorite creature comforts.

Moon doesn’t enter Leo until 12:09PM ET on Friday, and by then it’s ready to play. That’s good, because we’ll be in the dark side of the Moon cycle, a time to wrap things up and get ready for a new agenda on Sunday at 11:04PM ET, when the Moon will be New and in Virgo.

Bear in mind that Mercury will be turning direct at 6:03PM ET on Friday.  All travel plans are subject to change and/or delay. Be patient with yourself and others as you adjust.

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