Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 9/6/2012: More Razzle-Dazzlers

Another full work day (in the US) of Moon void-of-course in Taurus. Steady as you go…and go with the flow.  Venus leaves watery Cancer for fiery Leo today at 10:48AM, suggesting social interactions may involve less sensitivity and nurturing; more luxury, play, drama and love love love.

Remember what I said about spirits lifting by the end of the week? Those optimistic patterns are now in effect as we approach an exact square between the Sun and jolly, expansive Jupiter at 6:15AM ET Friday. In a horoscope, this suggests someone who needs to live LARGE — as excessive, indulgent, wildly generous or simply inflated. In the world around you, see if you notice the buoyancy — and join in!

Also waxing rhapsodic is mental Mercury squaring Jupiter on Saturday at 8:14PM ET, suggesting  big ideas are up for consideration or publication. In conjunction with the profound coordination among Mars (energy), Mercury (mind) and Pluto (resources) that started off the work week, those big ideas could change the world! Here is one that made headlines yesterday: a super big amazing piece of the human DNA puzzle is solved, in a federally-funded study that provides stunning insights that will help us combat disease.

In other news, Bill Clinton rocked the house at the Democratic National Convention. Look up “charisma” in a dictionary and there oughta be a picture of Bill. He is a Leo (king of the jungle) with people-pleasing Libra on the Ascendant.  His reigning need is symbolized by a steadfast, sensual, stubborn Taurus Moon that needs to build and maintain material security. And you wonder why there was a surplus in the federal budget when he was in office?  With the Moon actually in Taurus last night, of course Clinton was completely in his element. But the planetary source of his razzle and dazzle owes much to nebulous Neptune (fantasy! glamor! illusion! vision!), energetic Mars, AND loving Venus piled up like a multiple car accident – right on his charming Libra Ascendant. And just like that car wreck, you can’t take your eyes off him for a minute. Admit it. Add to this mix expansive Jupiter, also in the Ascendant. Translation: this is a horoscope that makes a big, dazzling first impression — and can’t help but go over allotted time limits in any situation, including national political conventions.

As for Clinton’s intense, pragmatic and formidable intellect, look to another pile-up among Mercury (mind), stern Saturn and ruthless Pluto — all in royal Leo…and all working cooperatively with those magnetic Libran social graces. The man is a master of persuasion.

Lots more that could be written about Bill Clinton, but let’s quickly mention another person who probably has nebulous Neptune on the Ascendant who also dazzled a crowd this week. No, not Paul Ryan…but Michelle Obama. While astrologers have yet to get their hands on an official birth certificate, astrologer Isaac Starkman has done a convincing rectification of Mrs. Obama’s horoscope, which shows Neptune conjunct a Scorpio Ascendant. Hmm…Jackie Kennedy had Scorpio rising, but she was a fiery Leo, not an earthy Capricorn like Michelle Obama. But both women do have a magnetism and mystery that is extremely alluring…(a rectification involves calculating the birth time of a horoscope based on when important events in a person’s life happened).

Starkman’s rectification shows Moon and Saturn together in Aquarius, suggesting a profound need to help people. Also in conjunction with the Moon (and softening the stern disciplinarian of the Moon-Saturn alliance) is loving Venus in watery Pisces. The horoscope suggests physical stamina, too — with Mars in a wide conjunction with the  practical Capricorn Sun.  Her Mercury (mind) is also in Capricorn, a placement that Noel Tyl says “needs to hear the grass grow”. In Michelle Obama’s case, she needs to hear an entire garden.


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