Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 8/20/2015: Uncommon Women & Others…

Enough with the debate and theorizing of the Libra Moon. As of 5:24AM, Moon plunges into the heavy emotional depths of Scorpio, seeking to organize and consolidate resources and knowledge, for the sake of power and control.  It all may feel quite pleasant enough, as the Moon makes contact with a detail-focused Jupiter  (now in Virgo; hence the focus on details) at 9:22AM ET. Around 9:02PM ET, note the potential for a clash of stubborn and dramatic will, suggested by a challenge to the Moon from Mars in regal Leo. A need for an escape or some other rose-colored adventure tinges the late evening, as Moon harmonizes with Neptune at 10:54PM ET.

And now, the news.

Lots of headlines on Wednesday reflecting the quirky and disruptive potential of yesterday’s trine between Venus and Uranus, coupled with the restrictive potential of Friday’s  Saturn-Sun square. First, what a bummer to note the passing of Yvonne Craig, she of Batgirl and Star Trek fame. Lots of XY types on Facebook are posting a still of her from Star Trek — in chains, scantily-clad and painted an alien (Venus trine Uranus) shade of green. I prefer to remember her as the superhero Batgirl who puts Batman and Robin on notice in this campy PSA in which she crusades for equal pay (also Venus trine Uranus).

Half-naked women and other weirdness is on the NYT home page, along with efforts to control (Saturn) the disruptive aspects of their continued presence in Times Square. Meanwhile, today’s story about Hillary Clinton focuses on her efforts to be seen as a crusader for civil rights.

Speaking of civil rights, here’s yet another as expected headline about a prominent activist (“Cornel West, the Fire of a New Generation), subheaded thusly:

Young protesters in Ferguson and beyond are rekindling the spirit of W.E.B. DuBois and the civil rights struggles of the 1960s and ’70s.

Uranus-Pluto conjunction: 1965-66. Uranus-Pluto square (the next step in the cycle): 2011-2016. Astrology is amazing.

Venus-Uranus can have a detached, no-strings-attached approach to its unconventional and/or risky relationships. It also had a technological spin. Lo and behold, hackers of the website Ashley Madison (motto: “life is short. have an affair”), apparently released skabillions of sensitive user data — i.e., name of people looking for connubial bliss with persons who were not their spouses. And one of those names released was Josh Duggar (former big guy at the Family Research Council), whose sexual exploits last came to light at the end of May, under another Venus-Uranus pattern. Fascinating.

There are other headlines hitting the wires that are especially cruel and cutting, as we might expect with Friday’s approaching challenge between Saturn and the Sun, but right now, with the Moon still in Libra, I’d like to keep it light. Hence I offer you stories about gender lines being blurred in fashion; an update on Atlas, a humanoid robot than can now apparently run through the woods; and finally, Josh Groban singing the tweets of Donald Trump (because it expresses the weird and wacky potential of Uranus with Venus).

Things may get more intense when that Scorpio Moon kicks in on Thursday morning….

Oh, but lookie! Josh Groban has Mercury and Venus in “I love you, but don’t take it personally” Aquarius…his Venus is squared by Uranus. Of course he’d have a wacky sense of humor. And, like Donald Trump, he has a Leo Ascendant and an opinionated Moon in Sagittarius. Coincidence or conspiracy?





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