Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 7/18/2013: The Watery Depths

After a pleasant and likely dramatically self-indulgent challenge from Venus at 5:35AM ET, Moon goes void of course in Scorpio at 7:13AM ET. Strange twists and delays in your morning routine notwithstanding, you may wake up humming. Go with the flow until 1:54PM ET, when the Moon bolts into opinionated Sagittarius, lifting spirits and encouraging us to gamble and/or gambol.

We are in the middle of a rare planetary pattern known as a Grand Trine — discussed in prior forecasts. Four planets — Jupiter, Mars, Saturn and Neptune – are now exactly configured in the shape of a triangle. All are in water signs — as are the Sun and Mercury. So much depth of feeling; so much intuitive potential; so many possibilities to turn a dream into reality.

Do you meditate? This is a serious question. With mental Mercury still retrograde, the suggestion is to turn inward for information. Or better yet, tune in.To your feelings. To your spirit. Pay close attention to your dreams. Do some yoga. Listen to music. Dance. Turn off the noise around you. Be still. Focus. Take advantage of the opportunity for mental rest over the next couple of days. Mercury turns direct on Saturday, and for the rest of the month, it’s likely to be very busy. Put this calm before the storm to good use. Recharge, review, reconnect. Meditate!




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