Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 7/11/2013: Pride & Joy

This just in…an audio recording of a recent radio chat with host Shannon Devereaux Sanford. You can listen to the half hour interview here — it was a lot of fun!

Another day with Moon in sunny, regal Leo — until 6:12PM ET, to be exact. And you had better be exact at that time because  that’s when Moon enters perfectionist Virgo, determined to put the house back in order after the party’s over.  Until then, the day is yours to enjoy — perhaps even with a bit of creative pride and passion.  Note a brief Moon void — this is a natural rest period — between 3:54 and 6:12PM ET. Chill out; take a break for tea, a siesta — or if you are on the West Coast, a long lunch. But no shopping sprees, if you please. This rest will put you in a better frame of mind for the organizing and Mercury retrograde REorganizing you can do in the evening, fueled by a cooperative aspect from action-hero Mars.

Finally, a friendly reminder to be mindful while in transit. Delays and snafus are more likely when Mercury is retrograde; I’ve been hearing all kinds of crazy stories, and I’ve experienced a few snafus myself.  And for those who are weary of news stories detailing all the volumes of data being collected by private contractors at the behest of government agencies, while shuddering to think how much taxpayers are being charged for the collection of said data, here’s an item about a search engine with a cute name that claims it can’t be bothered to track anything searched by anyone. Traffic to this site has been on the rise in recent weeks. And that’s your PSA for the day.


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